RovyVon Hybrid H3 Pro Tactical Penlight

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When it comes to making EDC flashlights worthy of your precious pocket space, innovation is the name of the game. RovyVon has shown time and again they’ve got the design chops to engineer flashlights that are not only functional, but feature packed in ways you normally don’t see in the competition. The new Hybrid H3 Pro is another shining example of RovyVon’s utility-led innovation, inspired by hybrid vehicles. It boasts the convenience of a built-in, USB-C rechargeable battery with the flexibility of AA/14500 batteries, letting you choose how you want to power your light (or leverage both types of batteries for extended runtime). The H3 Pro builds on this dual power source design with tactical features, high performance components, durable materials, and an ergonomic penlight form factor. The result is a powerful, long-lasting light suitable for tactical, emergency, and everyday applications alike.

The Hybrid H3 Pro gets its namesake from the electric battery/gas fuel technology found in hybrid vehicles. The flashlight analog of this is a dual power source design: the H3 Pro features a 300mAh LiPo battery built into the light as well as a battery tube to accommodate AA or 14500 cells. One advantage of this power setup is that it adds a level of redundancy to the light, making it useful as a backup for emergencies. When the external AA or 14500 battery runs out of juice, the internal battery kicks in. Between swapping AA batteries and plugging in to recharge via USB-C, you have multiple quick ways to keep the light topped up.

Besides the unique battery configuration, the H3 Pro was designed with tactical and urban use in mind. EDCers looking for a tactical light will appreciate the H3 Pro’s crenellated stainless steel bezel, detachable cigar grip ring, and dedicated forward-click rear switch for instant access to momentary Turbo mode and Strobe settings. For everyday use, a convenient electronic side switch lets you click through a 0.5-lumen Moonlight mode, a 15-lumen Low, 200-lumen Medium, and 600-lumen High mode from its Cree XP-L HI LED.

The H3 Pro has the materials and build to match its tactical and everyday performance. It starts with a hard-anodized 7075 aluminum alloy body that’s rated to IPX7 water resistance in a penlight form factor measuring 6.08″ long and weighing 1.59oz when empty. Its included detachable pocket clip is made from stainless steel and rides deep for a secure, discreet carry. Other features like USB-C charging, mode memory, and battery indicator round out the package. You can pick one up in your choice of Desert Tan or Black at the link below.

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