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Tactile Turn makes some of the best everyday carry pens in the business. Each of their writing implements is precision-machined out of metal (and now Ultem) at their workshop in Texas. But suppose you’re looking to EDC a special pen, something that’s built differently from the rest. In that case, their limited Seasonal Releases are your best bet.

Just in time for the holiday season, the mad geniuses at Tactile Turn have taken their Side Click pen and given it a cyberpunk twist with their exclusive Nexus design. Its white body and contrasting color accents make it stand out from the sea of drab metal pens you’ll find elsewhere. And you can only pick one up for a limited time from Tactile Turn themselves.

Our friends at Tactile Turn describe the Nexus as “an homage to the cyberpunk genre.” One quick look at the PCB design etched onto the clip gives you a good glimpse of why. The technical design is highly fitting on the Nexus, and was achieved with an equally technical process: a base layer of light blue Cerakote was topped with a dark blue layer, which was then lasered off to produce the circuit pattern. Add in vivid fuchsia accents on the clip screw and  side-click actuator and a muted gray activation button up top, and you have all the elements of a subdued but distinct aesthetic.

If you’ve seen and owned Tactile Turn pens before, you’ll notice something different with this new version: the clip now uses one screw instead of two. Visually, it’s much cleaner, but it also rides higher in your pocket, almost like a deep-carry clip on an EDC folding knife. The hi-vis fuchsia also complements the exclusive glossy white Cerakote treatment given to the precision-machined titanium body. The Cerakote finish adds even more durability to the inherently robust titanium underneath it, giving this over-engineered writing implement a touch of class in a color not often seen on EDC gear.

Like most Tactile Turn pens, the Nexus is available in three sizes. The first is their Standard 5.8″ pen, which comes with a Pilot G2 0.7mm gel ink refill. Next is the Short at 5.3″ with the venerable medium Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 ink refill. The smallest option is the Mini at 4.6″ which comes with the Pilot G2 Mini gel ink refill with a 0.7mm point.

Whichever you choose, make your decision quickly. The Nexus seasonal release pen from Tactile Turn will only be available until December 31st. Like all their seasonal releases, the Nexus won’t sell out like other limited edition drops on the EDC market; however, availability for the sizes of your choice might run out if you wait too long. Click the link below and secure one for yourself or a lucky person on your gift list this year.

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