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If you carry more than a few gadgets or more in your EDC, the inCharge 6 Keyring Cable is a must. Ideally, you’d take all your cables when going out, but we know that’s not how it always goes. Sometimes you’re short on space, sometimes, someone else needs a different cable, and other times you just forget them at home. For any and all these situations, the inCharge 6 is the way to go.

Thanks to a unique and innovative design, the inCharge 6 works as a universal connector for charging devices, while being built as compact as possible to stay right on your keychain so you’ll never leave it behind. It features USB-A and USB-C on one end and a combination of USB-C, Micro USB, and Lightning on the other. This means you can use it to charge nearly any device available out there. It features a zinc-aluminum alloy metal housing, a TPU cable guard, and 90 braided copper wires for everyday durability. At just under $20 (at the time of writing), this Swiss Army Knife of cables will make a great addition to anyone’s keychain.

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