Tactile Turn Slider and Glider Bolt Action Pens

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With several successful Kickstarter campaigns under their belt, Tactile Turn knows how to machine and deliver a quality EDC pen. After releasing a clicky pen and fountain pen, they’re at it again with a duo of bolt action pens—the Slider and Glider. These EDC-ready writing utensils are 100% made in-house with a unique mechanism to open and close the pen.

A bolt action pen typically features a J-shaped groove, which isn’t the easiest to use with one hand. The Tactile Turn Slider and Glider use a C-shaped groove that’s easy to engage and disengage with just your thumb. The action feels natural and it’s fun to play with.

The shorter “Slider” model accepts Parker-style refills, while the longer “Glider” model fits G2-style refills. Combined, they’ll accommodate over 50 different refills so you’re sure to find a sturdy EDC pen that’s compatible with your favorite refill. Finally, the deep-carry stainless steel clip lets the pen sit in your pocket without sticking out.

Unlike with other Kickstarter campaigns, these pens are already in production, meaning you can expect to only wait ’til early October to get one in your hands. The Slider and Glider are available in several heavy-duty metals including titanium, brass, copper, zirconium, and damascus steel. Check out the campaign page for detailed specs and a video of the bolt mechanism in action.

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