Benchmade 318-2 Proper Carbon Fiber

Taking a classic and making it feel brand new, if not even better than the original, is no easy task. But judging by its popularity in the EDC community, the recently released Benchmade Proper delivered as a modern version of a classic gent's folding knife with its attractive mix of a refined, timeless design and premium, high-performance materials. Now, Benchmade's newest addition to the Proper family, the 318-2, takes both style and performance to the next level. It features a more modern look and feel thanks to its lightweight yet robust carbon fiber scaling, paired with a premium S90V steel blade. For fans of the original, the Proper 318-2 debuts as a sophisticated upgrade for a classy EDC.

Despite the more modern cut of the new Proper knife, it retains its timeless modern gent's features. The blade remains a compact 2.82” clip-point, manually opened with a nick on the blade and held in place lightly with a slipjoint mechanism. But unlike your grandfather's old knife, the new Proper is made out of premium CPM-S90V stainless steel for better edge retention, and a higher hardness rating ranging from 59-61 HRC compared to the original Proper's S30V blade. Also new with this variant of the knife is its distressed stonewash on the blade, which makes for a more discreet carry compared to the original's shinier finish.

And where the original Proper knife had canvas Micarta handles, the new 318-2 features an attractive carbon fiber scaling on the handles that matches well with the darker blade and the black stainless steel hardware on the knife. The use of carbon fiber also makes the new Proper approximately 0.1 ounce lighter than the original, at 2.11 ounces in total. Either way, the new Proper makes for a very convenient carry option in your pockets, sitting comfortably until you need it.

If you've been on the fence about picking up a Benchmade Proper, this new, more modern carbon fiber variant represents the best so far. With improved steel and a look that's more modern yet still timeless and practical, this knife is a great choice for you to pick up today at the link below.

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Ridge Wallet Carbon Fiber

When it comes to the discussion of landmark minimalist wallets, Ridge have made a name for themselves by getting it right the first time, then continuing to drive their wallet closer towards ultimate versatility. Since their successful Kickstarter launch in 2013, Ridge Wallets have found their way into over a quarter million EDCers' pockets thanks to a simple but highly efficient plate and elastic band system. Over the years Ridge have riffed with the best materials to best match their users' needs, including carbon fiber, which makes a strong case for EDC with its striking visual appeal and barely-there weight. Whether you're after its light weight and exceptional strength or looking to upgrade your wallet to one of the best in the business, now is the perfect time to pick up a Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet and save 10% as an Everyday Carry reader.

The Ridge Wallet's minimalist, EDC-friendly design sets it apart from the rest of the pack, even before accounting for its use of premium materials. A combination of plates and elastic bands holds up to 12 cards in a compact profile barely larger than the cards themselves. Thanks to the carbon fiber plates that make up the core of this latest model, the whole package weighs a mere 1.2 ounces in your pocket, making it one of the lightest, yet most durable wallets you can carry. The panels also provide an added RFID-blocking benefit, helping keep your personal information safe from fraudsters skimming for data. The Ridge Wallet's restrained design also encourages you to carry fewer, but more important things, ensuring non-essential items stay clear of your pockets.

Ridge also gives you a few options when it comes to carrying paper currency and other daily essentials, too. You can choose between an elastic cash strap or a traditional money clip made from spring steel. With either configuration, you can keep a few twice-folded bills handy on the exterior of the wallet, or use it for RFID-enabled cards, and so on. And unlike some minimalist wallets out there, the construction of the Ridge makes it far more durable to stand the test of time. And its longevity is backed by a lifetime warranty, giving it an heirloom's longevity that your old, beat-up wallet never could.

The Ridge Wallet Carbon fiber is a streamlined essential designed to last a lifetime, made even better with the use of EDC favorite carbon fiber. Pick one up for yourself or as a gift and save 10% with promo code EDCAPRIL from Ridge at the link below.


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Ravean Carbon Fiber Wallet

"A superbly slim and compact wallet for holding up to 8 payment or ID cards. It’s made from sculpted carbon fiber for both durability and flexibility, plus it blocks RFID scanning. An add-on money clip ($8) lets you..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Kershaw Leek 1660CF Carbon Fiber

How do you improve upon a knife that's already an EDC crowd favorite? For Kershaw and their popular Leek knife, all it takes is a fresh set of premium materials. With its upgraded blade steel and gorgeous carbon fiber handle, the new 1660CF Leek just got prettier, lighter, and stronger.

Instead of using heavy stainless steel handles, Kershaw gave the Leek the gentleman's knife treatment by swapping in stunning carbon fiber. This attractive patterning allows this new Leek to operate in a more dressy ensemble than the original. But it does more than just look great: the carbon fiber handle actually makes for a lighter knife. Weighing in at only 2.3 ounces, the Leek CF weighs 25% less than the classic Leek.

Kershaw also opted for CPM 154 blade steel in the Leek CF as a more premium option compared to the Sandvik 14C28N steel you can find on the standard Leek. CPM 154 has a higher carbon content and toughness, allowing it to hold an edge longer and last against hard use. It retains its excellent modified drop-point blade shape, making it great for cutting tasks. It also keeps the fast one-handed SpeedSafe assisted flipper opening.

If you haven't yet picked up a Leek for your everyday carry, this is the model to get. Even if you have the original Leek, the new one cuts it that much better. Make it a part of your EDC today at the link below.


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CF2 Carbon Fiber G2 Pen

Because they’re designed with durability in mind, EDC pens tend to be on the bulky side. Their overbuilt construction ends up getting in the way more than it enhances the actual writing experience. With successful campaigns like the Tactical Marker under their belt, Spiffy Lab sets out to offer a lighter EDC pen alternative with their latest Kickstarter project, the CF2. This rugged pen is made up of lightweight carbon fiber for strength, accented with aircraft grade aluminum on the grip, tail, and cap for added durability. The result is a substantial pen that's not overly heavy or unwieldy. An extra-wide clip securely holds the pen on a bag, in a pocket, attached to a belt, or even on a carabiner. The cap and grip feature ample knurling for both a robust look and improved grip, especially when wearing gloves. The CF2 accommodates the ultra-smooth, readily available Pilot G2 refill— perfect for everyday writing tasks. Secure one for yourself in anodized black, bright aluminum, tellurium copper or aluminum-bronze via the Kickstarter link below.

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Common Fibers Carbon Fiber Slim Wallet

Put carbon fiber's strength, chemical resistance, and feather weight to good use and protect your essentials with Common Fibers' slim wallet. It takes advantage of its material's aerospace-grade stiffness to house four card slots and still stay lean enough to fit in any pocket. Common Fibers also included RFID blocking in the wallet's durable rip-stop interior to ensure your cards stay protected from both natural and man-made threats. If pure black and gray isn't your thing, it also comes in one of three interior colors to better match the rest of your carry. Give the Common Fibers slim wallet a spin if you're tired of the same old leather or metal but still need a capable container for your cash.


Going Hands-On With The Tempest Carbon

Back in December, we brought you word of the latest offering from Tempest, the Tempest Carbon. In that writeup, I lamented the fact that our friends over at aBlogtoWatch were able to spend some time with the prototype. Well, supporting the saying that “good things come to those who wait”, we actually got to spend some time with the prototype ourselves. So, what is it like having the Tempest Carbon on the wrist?

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Matrix Titanium and Carbon Fiber Credit Card Holder

Jens Anso is a Danish knife maker and industrial designer known for gear designs that break convention and excite with their uniqueness. When he decides, then, to start a project for a new product, people sit up and listen. The Matrix is Jens's first project on Kickstarter, and it's his own take on the popular minimalist titanium wallet. CNC-machined in the U.S. to high tolerances, the Matrix is manufactured from extremely durable but lightweight titanium and carbon fiber, and can hold up to six credit cards with its integrated center spring. There is a little under a month left for this original Anso design, and backers can choose between four colors for their Matrix.

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