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The CIVIVI Elementum has become one of the community’s favorite folding knives for everyday carry, with a sleek and minimal design that’s well suited whether you’re headed to the office or to the great outdoors. Their new Shred Carbon Fiber Damascus model plants itself firmly into the modern gents territory with a classy blade and a stand-out gorgeous drop point blade to match. But its the new Button Lock mechanism that makes this knife even more special than you might think, allowing for rapid deployment while providing enough security to ensure it won’t fail on you when the going gets tough.

With the introduction of the button plunge lock at the pivot of the blade, the Elementum eliminates the potential for an accidental blade opening that can happen with the original model’s flipper design. Instead, you actuate the mechanism by pressing the lock’s side button, and you can rely on the caged ball bearing pivot to help you flick the blade into place. And because the mechanism itself remains a fully-manual operation, you won’t run into problems with your ability to carry this blade like you might with a spring-assisted or automatic knife so long as you check your own local laws beforehand.

The Elementum Button Lock’s 3.25″ Damascus blade has an attractive patterning that mates well with the carbon fiber handle scales that add a further touch of class to the knife while helping keep things relatively lightweight at 3.42 oz in total. And when the blade is not in use, you can slip it into your pockets where the deep carry pocket clip allows for discreet right-handed tip-up storage until the time calls.

With its unique mix of new technology and beautiful design, this is an Elementum that you’re going to want to pick up, whether it’s your first or you’re looking to add to your ever-growing collection. It’s a blade that looks as great as it can cut. Make it yours today by clicking the link below before it sells out.

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