10 Water Bottles to EDC This Summer 2018

As the weather gets warmer you’ll most likely be spending more and more time outdoors. Whether that means hiking trails, climbing mountains, or enjoying a hard-earned vacation on the beach, the key to achieving your summer goals is staying hydrated. If you don’t already have a water bottle there’s no better time to add one to your EDC because it’s only going to get hotter. In this guide we’ll look at a few of the best water bottles to help you fight thirst. There are water bottles that will keep your liquids at a certain temperature, some that will keep your water tasting clean, and still others that are just easy to carry and weigh next to nothing. Whatever you’re looking for, we got you covered.

Camelbak Chute

The 750mL (25oz) Camelbak Chute is an option that checks all the boxes when it comes to finding the perfect water bottle. It’s made of BPA-free plastic and has an angled spout that makes it easier to avoid spills while drinking. The hook that’s attached to the cap makes it easy to attach to packs and the cap itself locks into place when you’re not using it with a simple half-turn. All this at a price that won’t hurt your wallet.

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Klean Kanteen

The Best Water Bottles for EDC in 2017

Whether you're hiking outdoors or on your daily commute, one way to beat the heat is by carrying a water bottle. And not just any disposable bottle—a quality container, built like the rest of the gear in your everyday carry. Depending on your needs, you might want a bottle that's super light and portable, something a bit more rugged, or even one that's capable of keeping your water cold and your coffee hot.

In this guide, we'll highlight 15 of the best water bottles to keep you hydrated on the go.

AVEX FreeFlow Autoseal Water Bottle

Whether you're on the trail or navigating the city, water is an essential—and often overlooked—EDC. If you need a bottle that's tough enough to keep you hydrated no matter where your day takes you, check out the AVEX FreeFlow for your carry.

While the FreeFlow's sturdy stainless steel portion is nothing to scoff at, the bulk of its value as a capable EDC bottle is actually in the lid. When you need to take a sip, you can quickly get your drink on at the push of a button. After your thirst has been thoroughly quenched, releasing the button automatically seals it shut. And it stays locked, so you won't have to worry about accidental button presses causing leaks in your EDC bag either. For all you germaphobes and frequent hydrators out there, the lid features a hygienic spout cover and bolted-on carrying handle, so you'll always have a clean drink on hand.

The bottle is insulated to keep drinks cold for up to 29 hours (or hot for 10) and constructed from stainless steel to withstand the dings and drops of daily use. It's available in either 24oz or 40oz capacities in several colorways (though I'm not sure why you'd pick anything other than the OD green/raw stainless version) for your summer EDC at the link below.

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YETI Ramblers

"YETI set the gold standard for tough coolers that keep ice longer. They’re still the choice of professional river guides, fishermen, and yuppie weekend glampers alike. As YETI continues to branch out, they continue to keep the quality and performance just as high…" (via TheTruthAboutGuns)

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How to Choose the Best Water Bottle for Your EDC

It’s hot out. Brutal, at times. Staying hydrated throughout the day is one of the most effective ways to keep cool against this summer’s unrelenting heat. Drinking plenty of water is also just a healthy habit to have! For something as essential as water to keep nearby, not just any bottle will do for your daily carry. In this Carry Smarter guide, we’ll break down some key features to consider when picking an everyday bottle and recommend our favorites to fit your hydration needs.