The Drop: AeroPress Clear Coffee Maker

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Whether you’re working from home, back at the office, or anywhere in between, coffee is an integral part of many people’s day. And if you’re like me and you’ve had your fill of lousy breakroom, gas station, or hotel room coffee, having the gear needed to brew an acceptable cup of joe is crucial. The AeroPress Coffee Maker is one of my favorite portable coffee brewing devices, with a bombproof construction and easy-to-grasp mechanism that requires ground coffee, suitably hot water, and either paper disposable or metal reusable filters.

The makers of AeroPress have also just released a new transparent version of their device, which makes it easy to see the entire process of brewing your coffee as you do it. The transparent look is also, in my opinion, more visually appealing than the standard smoky plastic featured in the original AeroPress. The crystal-clear clarity of the new AeroPress Clear is thanks to food-safe, shatterproof Tritan material that will last you many years.

But why pick an AeroPress in the first place? The unique pressurized system helps the coffee extraction process. In short, you get a strong cup of coffee that will help you through the day without the fuss of other systems. And it’s straightforward to wash and sanitize after use, making it great for travel and camping scenarios.

What we like: The new clear AeroPress Coffee Maker is easier to use because you can see the entire coffee-making process from start to finish. It also looks more visually appealing compared to the original AeroPress.

What to watch out for: The AeroPress Clear is not an electric kitchen device that will run on its own. You’ll need coffee, which you’ll need to either grind yourself or have it pre-ground for you. And you’ll need a way to boil your water as well. Read the instructions and use the included filters to get the hang of it.

Final verdict: The new AeroPress Clear makes one of the best travel, outdoors, and office coffee brewing devices even better. The strength of its coffee makes it a great candidate, even if you’re only making a cup of coffee at home.

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