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The Drop: Emergency COB Flashlight

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Chris Van Hoven
The Drop: Emergency COB Flashlight

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It's a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

In everyday carry, the line between necessity and utility is razor-thin, and the Abandship Emergency COB Flashlight embodies a little bit of both. Equipped with a wealth of features and designed with utmost practicality in mind, this mini work light is more than just a pocket flashlight.

Its compact size is what first caught my eye, leaving me to wonder how such a small package packs 1,000 lumens in its 2.36” frame (hint: it’s in the name–COB stands for Chip on Board, where LEDs are bonded directly onto a substrate to form a single, very bright, module). The little light is smartly designed, with an integrated carabiner allowing for unobtrusive storage. Hook it onto your backpack, slip it in your pocket, or hang it on your keychain for easy access during low-light situations. It features four lighting modes, so you can adjust the brightness to fit your needs and conserve battery life when necessary. Battery life is often a point of contention in my portable devices, but with a built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery, the Emergency COB Flashlight stays operational for about 3-8 hours when fully charged via USB-C.

But the Emergency COB Flashlight offers more than just potent luminosity. Its design incorporates a powerful magnet, perfect for attaching the flashlight to metal surfaces, a handy feature when working on roadside repairs or during power outages at home. The 180° collapsible bracket acts as a kickstand and provides flexibility in positioning the light, allowing you to work hands-free and focus on the task at hand.

I’ve always loved multi-use tools, and I would recommend the Emergency COB Flashlight as being useful in various scenarios, from unexpected roadside car trouble to nocturnal hiking adventures. Not only does it provide bright illumination for night-time outdoor activities like camping or fishing, but it also serves as a versatile tool for unanticipated situations. And the best part is it’s exceptionally cheap for the price, meaning you can pick up a small pile of them and put them on every bag, drawer, and loadout you EDC, giving you a ton of light in a tiny package.

What I like: Useful functions, powerful light, affordable price.

What to watch out for: It’s a high-utility emergency light and not a particularly enthusiast one. You may need to look elsewhere if you need addtional functionality like warmer tints or fill light functionality for photos.

Final verdict: The Abandship Emergency COB Flashlight is a compact, high-lumen, rechargeable light source with a multi-angle bracket and a magnetic attachment, and with bonus features like a carabiner and bottle opener, it offers unprecedented utility for its size.

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