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The Drop: Vosteed Nightshade Knife

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Jonathan Tayag
The Drop: Vosteed Nightshade Knife

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It's a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

The knife was one of the first tools made by human beings, and since its invention, it's been a daily essential for its sheer utility alone. The long history of EDCing knives before the concept of everyday carry even existed means that there are many traditional blade styles out there, with tried and tested designs that have lasted through the years. One of those knives is the Shilin Cutter, from an old-time knifemaking family in Taiwan. Its hallmark leaf-style blade shape and downward-curved tip make it great for chopping, slicing, and piercing. But unlike fixed-blade knives with similar designs and purposes like the machete and kukri knife, the Shilin Cutter folds down to size, making it quite handy. But with the production of this style of knife fading away and modern EDC tastes calling for modern features like premium materials and locking mechanisms, the traditional Shilin Cutter has become hard to find.

With the Nightshade, the knifemakers at Vosteed seek to bring this traditional design into the modern EDC era with the materials, craftsmanship, and quality-of-life features that EDCers demand while remaining faithful to the original design notes of the Shilin Cutter. The TS version of the Nightshade features 3.26” Nitro-V stainless steel (best known for its exceptional corriosion resistance) with the same traditional leaf-shaped blade flat ground to a sharp edge. The original knife required a two-handed opening, so Vosteed's interpretation allows for a faster thumbstud opening, which locks into place with a liner lock.

The action is smooth thanks to the caged ceramic ball bearing in the pivot, and the solid lock-up eliminates blade play and gives you the confidence to attack the same tasks that you can with the Shilin Cutter with gusto. Because it forgoes the traditional wood handle and the metal bolsters in favor of grippy G10 handle scales [on the TS], you can rest assured that the Vosteed Nightshade knife will stand up to the task better than the original.

What we like: This modern interpretation of the Shilin Cutter brings that traditional blade design into the modern EDC landscape. It pays the necessary homages to the original design and stays faith in general shape. But Vosteed has added the modern touches that make for a great everyday carry knife in the present day.

What to watch out for: Unlike a standard drop-point or spear-point blade, the Nightshade (like its original Shilin Cutter design inspiration) has a tip pointed down at an angle. This unique design feature will require you to change your grip when piecing through materials, and it may take some getting used to if you're unfamiliar with the original knife. Be sure to also check out the other versions of the knife in different sizes, steels, and scales.

Final verdict: If you're a fan of modern interpretations of classic knives or just a fan of folding utility blades that have proven their worth for decades or more, the Vosteed Nightshade is a great EDC option.

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I have vosteed nightshade mini and absolutely love it