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The James Brand x Carryology Rover Capsule

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Jonathan Tayag
The James Brand x Carryology Rover Capsule

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When you travel a lot, you know how important it is to curate your everyday carry so that you can feel prepared to take on any situation. But because of the realities of having to get through airport security, what you can actually carry is limited. For example, you can’t bring knives or long, pointy, tools along, and continuously checking in a bigger multi-tool can get cumbersome for a life on the move. The simple fact is that you’re not going to be able to cover all the bases with just one tool. Instead, a smartly put-together set of tools that compliment each other can improve your quality of life (and carry) as you travel from point A to point B, which is why the Rover Capsule from The James Brand and Carryology is worth a look.

After taking input from the everyday carry community about the finer points of travel EDC, The James Brand and Carryology collaborated together to put together a package of three useful tools: the Ellis pocket tool, the Cache River bit driver, and the Stilwell compact pen. Combined, you can take on DIY projects, maintenance of your gear, and important administrative tasks without a hassle. And as an added bonus, you won’t have to take on an emergency situation while you’re abroad without tools in hand.

The Ellis Pocket Tool features a pair of stainless steel scissors, a screw driver, a bottle opener, a scraper, and a pry tool. Because this edition of the tool lacks the fold out knife, you won’t have to worry about getting in trouble at security checkpoints. The Stilwell pen features a premium titanium barrel and uses standard D1 ballpoint ink cartridges. Its titanium construction makes it resistant against corrosion, and its short length makes it pocketable and portable unlike most full-size pens. The third and final tool, the Cache River, is unique to this package. As its name implies, it features a watertight storage cache that lets you carry hidden cash and other small valuables for an emergency, while also functioning as a bit driver. All three items come together in a Skinth sheath made out of durable CORDURA nylon that helps keep everything organized as you move from place to place.

The Rover Capsule from The James Brand and Carryology make for an easy starting point for anyone looking to build a travel EDC, and each of the quality items in the set are compelling choices in their own right for even a seasoned EDCer. Check out more about this smart set of beautiful travel EDC tools at the link below.

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Discussion (6 total)

Ludwig ·
275$ for a scissor, a pen and a bit driver.
And if the security is too much strict at the airport the scissors could even don't pass.
Josh ·
It’s because it’s James Brand. In my opinion a lot of their stuff is overpriced. The design aesthetic is great, and I’m sure the quality is great, but they charge way more for cheaper materials, and it’s just not for me.
Jorne ·
Same man, not quiet a fan of the james brand because of the overpriced stuff
dead-eye ·
Way overpriced for what this stuff is. I think it's made in China as well. You can get American-made stuff for a lot cheaper.
Joe ·
Good old Huckberry, where they charge $275 for $20 worth of materials. Give me a break.
White Knight ·
Bleedin' 'ell! Cheap at the price, eh what darling?!
No rip orf here babe.

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