Top EDC Gear Releases You Might’ve Missed: Week of June 24th

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Futuristic knives, stripped-down tech, built-for-life watches, and more.

Arcane Design Co. VULT

Words by Mikey Bautista, Managing Editor

The EDC market is gigantic, especially more so for knives, so having a unique and standout design language is certainly cause for pause and further exploration. I came across Arcane Design Co. off a random Instagram feed, and visiting their site and digging deeper into their catalog, I learned quickly that Israel Bacchus—founder and designer—had that special sauce. His love for sci-fi, classic horror, and exploration of the unknown rings true as inspirations in his designs, and his knives (like the VULT launching by the time you read this on Friday the 28th) are some of the most distinct and futuristic I’ve seen yet, while staying cohesive within his particular style.

The VULT comes as his latest design, a collaboration with Brian Brown whom we recently saw work with CIVIVI on the new ExOne. It’s got all the hallmarks of a wicked custom hawkbill, including a 3.25″ M390 blade that nestles within a titanium handle. It deploys via its slot or front-flipping jimping, riding on caged bearings and stopping with an inset steel liner lock. The star of the show is a teal-anodized full-body inlay, perfectly accenting the darker gray and coated tones of the steel and handle. Like other Arcane Design knives, the VULT will come in a couple of finishes, and will be a limited release for $340.

If you missed the VULT and still want to explore Israel’s designs, he suggests taking a look at the CREATURE, one of his signature models. As its name says, it’s a beast of a knife with a 3.75″ 20CV compound tanto or drop point in a few finishes including a dressed-up Damasteel variant. It’s a beefy frame lock flipper with a titanium handle to match (with a geometric design and custom pivot collar, naturally), and I couldn’t imagine a more fitting name.

Being a smaller operation with unique, desirable designs, Arcane Designs’ knives tend to sell out, so be sure to keep an eye out on their Instagram and sign up to the newsletter for the latest on their drops.

Light Phone III

In a world filled with distractions, the Light Phone III is a mobile phone designed around simplicity and purpose, helping you become the most thoughtful and intentional version of yourself. If you’re seeking to be more present with your family and friends, or even if you’re purchasing your very first phone, the phone’s intuitive features and minimalist design make “going light” easier than ever.

Equipped with a robust metal frame, the Light Phone III is built to last. You can forget about planned obsolescence as well, with improved repairability thanks to an accessible battery and an easier-to-replace screen and USB port. The phone includes an NFC chip, USB-C port, fingerprint ID, a flashlight, and a clickable wheel for quick adjustments. Inspired by classic point-and-shoot cameras, its dedicated two-step shutter button ensures you capture moments with ease. Sustainability is a big factor here as well, as the Light Phone III uses Sony SORPLAS recycled plastic for its battery cover and speaker grill. Its large matte OLED display enhances usability without adding unnecessary distractions, and a custom wider screen makes texting and using LightOS tools a breeze.

While tools like an alarm, a timer, a calculator, a calendar, a directory, directions, notes/voice memos, and a music player are included, there are currently no plans to include support for other messaging platforms or a web browser—and we’re ok with that. Ready to take the plunge? Pre-order now and get it at 50% off until July 15.

Kizer Smolt

After the success of the Kizer Militaw, knife maker Jonathan Styles applies a similar design language to his new creation, the Kizer Smolt fixed knife. It features a CPM-3V steel blade that we don’t often see in a lot of knives at this price point. 3V steel is highly wear-resistant and boasts superior hardness, ensuring it withstands the most demanding conditions without a scratch.

But it’s not just about the blade—the handle of the Kizer Smolt is equally impressive. It features a Micarta inlay on a G-10 base (a seamless union, at least on our unit), offering the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. The handle’s design includes four grooves to enhance grip, making it comfortable and secure to hold. With an overall length of 6.5” and a weight of just 3.16 oz, the knife is compact yet robust, perfectly balanced for everyday use. The versatility of its drop-point blade shape and curved handle allows it to handle various tasks with ease, making it a great all-arounder for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hunters, and EDC aficionados alike.

Jeep x Marathon Watch Series

Marathon is a leader in making military-style watches and true timepieces for the Canadian and American armed forces. They also sell these watches to the public. This year, they’ve partnered with Jeep, another brand with a rich military heritage, to make a collection of watches centered around the iconic Willys Jeep. This vehicle was a mainstay combat vehicle for decades before becoming the basis for the off-road adventure Jeeps you’ll find on the roads and trails today. Whether you’re a Jeep owner, a fan of either of the two brands’ rich military heritage or just a collector of great field and military watches, this collection has much to offer.

The Marathon Jeep Willys collection starts with the Officer’s Series field watches, the SSGPM and SSGPQ. These 41-mm timepieces feature a 316L stainless steel case with a parkerized finish to reduce reflectivity. Depending on your needs, they can be equipped with either a Swiss Selita mechanical movement or an ETA precision quartz movement. There are also the Jeep GSAR and TSAR dive watches in the collection for excursions that require more water resistance and low-light visibility. Aside from the 300M water resistance and always-tritium lume, the dials on both watches feature a red line on the dial and a grille on the crown to add a bit of flair to the vehicles’ design elements.

Benchmade Necron 99 Balisongs

Benchmade has recently released the Necron 99, a balisong (butterfly knife) designed for recreational use and built to modern standards of flipping performance. It’s the brand’s return to their original product line (it’s why the Benchmade logo is a butterfly) since the release of the 85 series in 2020. The latest generation sports a flat-ground scimitar-style 4.59” clip-point blade—live or in a blunt and skeletonized trainer option—crafted from CPM S30V stainless steel (440C for the trainer) with a stonewashed finish, promising exceptional durability, sharpness, and scratch resistance. It also features specially textured G-10 handles that are extendable, with adjustable tungsten weights for customizing and fine-tuning the balance for your flipping style.

Weighing just 4.21 oz, the Necron 99 provides a balanced, agile performance with just the perfect heft for fast and controlled maneuvers. The smooth washer pivots and latchless design ensure an uninterrupted flipping experience and a secure locking mechanism. This USA-made modern butterfly knife is a welcome addition to Benchmade’s storied history with the traditional knife platform, and a must-have for any collector who’s has been following the brand with the butterfly mark all these years.

SENCUT Excalis

With the plethora of crossbar lock designs on most everyday carry knives, it’s refreshing to see a liner-locking flipper folding knife arrive to buck the trend. The blacked-out SENCUT Excalis features a tactical look and a beefy blade with a hybrid shape that makes it great for slicing and piercing through rough material.

SENCUT calls this 2.97″ 9Cr18MoV stainless steel blade a reverse tanto shape, but it has a pronounced slicing belly and a spear-point tip that allows the front of the knife to remain thin for precision work while expanding to a full 3mm of thickness at the spine for heavy-duty work. The flat ground blade opens with a flipper tab, and the caged ceramic ball bearings in the pivot make for a smooth experience. After you finish with it, you can fold it into its stainless steel handle with G10 scales and either carry it tip-up in its ambidextrous pocket clip or store it in the included pouch for safekeeping.

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