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As the weather gets nicer, one way to start your spring cleaning is by taking a good look at your EDC. While your wallet might be one of the most important essentials in your kit, it’s often the hardest to keep tidy. You can amass an impressive collection of loyalty cards and receipts which do nothing but add heft to your pockets in no time. If you’ve tried to slim down your wallet at all in the last few years, you’ve likely come across a minimalist wallet from Trayvax. While they’re well-known for their rugged, overbuilt wallets, the Armored Summit comes as a more minimalist EDC option with RFID protection to boot.

This RFID-shielded update takes the tried and true design of the Summit and improves on it in a few key ways. For one, you’ll get a new designed skeleton frame that remains thin and light without sacrificing the toughness that the wallet is known for. The heat-resistant plate has also been given a melonite finish and textured grooves that allow for handling. As a testament to Trayvax’s quality materials and craftsmanship, everything on the wallet is sourced and assembled in the USA.

Of course, you still get all the little things that made the wallet a great pick-up in the first place. Mil-spec nylon webbing and a cash clip let you still carry a few folded bills if you need it, and the tough metal frame also doubles as a bottle opener for kicking back and relaxing at the end of the day. Having a slim wallet doesn’t mean you have to leave important cards behind either. You can carry up to 8 essentials cards with ease and there’s also convenient ID window along the bottom as well. Best of all, the “armor” in the Armored Summit Wallet is RFID certified so you’ll have peace of mind whether you’re at home or abroad knowing that your information is safe.

As well-made as they are, some minimal wallets can cost as much as the cash they hold. Luckily, you can pick up an Armored Summit for around $30 via the link below.

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