Tess' worn leather and multi tool EDC

New York
This is what I'll generally always have on me. If I'm going without a bag the organizer and its items may stay home. I also have a secondary carry that includes a medical kit, sunglasses, electronics charger and so on.

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Randy Stiles ·
Love the addition of the pocket organizer. cheers!
How do you carry the Sakura Pigma Micron? They are great fine liners, but extremely delicate with a high tendency for leaking even from the slightest non-desktop usage. As the producing company Sakura said:

"The equalized pressure allows the ink to flow through the microscopic nib structure via capillary action. However, when the pen is unconsciously waved, tapped or spun in your hand while capped, the centrifugal force can cause the ink to come out of the air vent, which is the path of least resistance. [...] The performance characteristics of Pigma ink require a special ink delivery system within the nib, but the trade off is that the Pigma Micron has to be handled more carefully than an ordinary ball point pen. We pack our pens full of pigment ink. Pigment ink particles are much larger than dye ink particles and therefore more susceptible to gravitational pressure. The pen should also be stored horizontally when not in use."

As EDC is all about carry, keeping it horizontally all the time is not really an option. So the question is, you only bought it recently not knowing this problem, or you found a solution?
craig b ·
I have carried a pigma micron pen for years and never had a leak (and I spin pens out of habit) that said I do not carry the pen in a pants pocket, but in an organizer iny bag (from jetpens). That's my unrequested thoughts :-)
Hi @Zenam, I've been carrying this pen for about a year on and off, and have yet to have any leaks. The pen is mostly in my bag vertically or laying flat when it's out. I also don't keep the pen physically in the organizer (I found it's nearly impossible to get out once it's in), but on the outside like it is in the photo. I'll definitely keep a look out for spills, etc. though so thank you for bringing it to my attention.