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November 11th is Veterans Day in the United States. It's a day where we give thanks to the men and women in uniform that have served our country. There are plenty of vet-owned businesses out there, but the ones that specialize in gear are especially relevant to us over at Everyday Carry. These professionals have spent years in the field, and few people out there know what makes a great piece of gear as much as they do. As a way to show our appreciation, we've rounded up some of our favorite Veteran-made goods. Read on to check out some of our favorite picks!

This post was last updated November 11, 2019.

GORUCK Rucker 20L

US Special Forces Veteran Owned

The “Rucker” is a smaller daypack from GORUCK. It’s built from a rugged 1000D Cordura nylon that's weatherproof, abrasion-resistant, and durable. Inside, you’ll find multiple pockets for stashing smaller EDC goods. The Rucker opens perfectly flat for easy packing and access to your gear even at the bottom of the bag. As is the case with most of GORUCK’s backpacks, there’s an internal pocket for a weighted “Ruck Plate” that’s meant for weight training. GORUCK’s bags are built in the USA by a US Special Forces Veteran. For Veterans Day, they’re running a sale on the Rucker at the link below.

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Medford Micro Praetorian

Combat Veteran Made in USA

Medford Knives have caught the eyes of knife enthusiasts in the EDC community for their tanky design language and impressively overbuilt construction. They're made by combat veterans in the USA, resulting in quality EDC knives with a premium rugged feel. The Micro Praetorian in particular brings the brand's signature design language to a more manageable, EDC-friendly size. This "little big knife" sports a 2.8" long D2 steel drop point steel blade. Other features like aggressive jimping, a beefy framelock, G10 scale, and emergency glass breaker pommel round out the knife.

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ITS Tactical Nylon Zip Pouches

US Navy Special Warfare Veteran Owned

Accessory pouches seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but the offering from ITS Tactical stands out thanks to some thoughtful design features and best-in-class materials. These pouches are available in three sizes: Standard, Skinny, and Mini. Each side of the Cordura bags has its own pull handle, so no matter where the pouch is in your bag, you can easily yank it out. Even the heavy duty zippers are finished off with mil-spec paracord pulls. These handy little pouches are available in a multitude of different colors. You can pick them up starting at $16.99 from ITS at the link below.

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Readyman Survival Card

US Special Forces Owned

If there’s anyone you want survival advice from, it would be a Special Forces Vet or a skilled outdoorsman. Luckily, Readyman was founded by both. They’ve designed this survival tool that packs all of the essentials (and then some) into an easy-to-carry card. The Wilderness Survival Card 2.0 has nine fish hooks, five arrow heads, four snare locks, an awl, two sewing needles, three saw blades, and a pair of tweezers. This kit sounds like it would take up an entire bag by itself, yet it fits inside of a standard Altoids tin or slips into your wallet. Hit the link below to snag this awesome piece of kit for just under thirteen bucks.

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Tactical Tailor RRPS 3D Organizer Pouch

US Army Veteran-Owned

Founded by a US Army infantryman, Tactical Tailor has put out some of the finest tactical gear out there for EDC. With the RRPS organizer, they've put together a low-profile way to keep your gear together. Its compatibility with hook-and-loop systems lets you use it to augment most any tactical pack. It has large loops for bigger items such as magazines, as well as a zippered internal pouch for securing smaller, loose items.


Red Oxx Mfg. Co Rigger's Wallet

Marine Corps Recon Veteran Owned

The Rigger's Wallet from Red Oxx is built to last. This Cordura nylon trifold wallet features a hook-and-loop closure to secure its contents. Inside, you'll find a zippered coin pocket to keep you change in place. A clear window slot lets you flash credentials without removing your ID from the wallet. The middle section has room for several cards and additional folded bills behind the main pocket. The top-loading cash pocket sized deep enough to accommodate currency from all parts of the globe. The Red Oxx Rigger's Wallet is available in 12 different colors at the link below.

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BOND Travel Gear Attache 13 Briefcase

US Army Veteran Owned

At its heart the Attache 13 is a slim briefcase that fits and protects a 13” laptop and similarly sized tech. But even starting with its exterior, US Army Veteran-owned BOND Travel Gear set out to create something exceptional. Rugged nylon, weatherproof YKK zippers, and Hypalon are materials more commonly associated with tactical bags, but they're used in the Attache 13 to protect your gear. The full clamshell-opening style also takes its cues from travel bags, allowing the Attache 13 to lay flat when open so you can best survey and organize its contents. No more having to fish in the depths of a bag that only opens halfway. A quick-access front pocket, nylon webbing handles and strap, and metal hardware round out its external features, while a dedicated laptop compartment, no-slip loops, and zippered mesh pockets keep the internals organized.

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Do you EDC gear from a Veteran-owned company? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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I love my Modern Carry PocKit gear organizer from Yellow Birch Outfitters, another great, Veteran-owned fear manufacturer.
Sam Nead ·
I saved this to my wishlist possibilities. Thanks, Andy!
Michael A Diaz ·
I have the PockIt as well and love it as well.

It's perfectly sized and holds all that I need.
Heard a rumor GoRuck was moving manufacturing overseas. It was in a forum I recently visited that discuss this very thing - the best EDC bag. GoRucks are great and are pretty indestructible but that quality comes with a hefty price and the bags out of the box are heavy. I think the GR1 is almost 4.5lbs empty. I have several and everyone will long outlast me, but if it's true and manufacturing is headed overseas, I think it will be a product killer.
Robert O ·
They are offering both US and Vietnam made options. They are very clear on why. Absolutely transparency.. no smoke and mirrors. Best US company/products in my book.
Chris K. ·
Spartan Blades !
Years of SOF service and really fine gear, worth every cent!
Love to carry my Phrike and Enyo.
Kind regards,
Kimberly Stone ·
These are great products. Also, check out Sword & Plough for their incredibly rugged bags of all sorts. They had a photo of one of their bags that got dragged under a car for miles. Very dirty and scuffed, but intact. Computer inside worked fine. Wowser!
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