Victorinox Alox Limited Edition 2022

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For decades, Swiss Army Knives (SAKs) have offered some of the best value and performance as an everyday carry multi-tool. They come in all tool configurations, sizes, and colors, with their popular Alox line offering essential tools while taking up minimal space. If you’re looking to pick up an Alox SAK of your own, Victorinox puts out a limited edition version of their flagship models every year, and this year’s Thunder Gray colorway is a bold addition to any collection. With striking scales and timeless utility, the Classic, Pioneer X, and Hunter Pro continue to be staple tools for any EDC.

True to its name, the Classic boils down the SAK experience to key essentials: a sharp Sandvik steel knife, nail file, flathead screwdriver, and spring-loaded scissors, all in a compact 2.3″ frame that fits right on your keys with the included split ring. As a member of the Alox line this Classic comes with durable, yet lightweight embossed aluminum scales with anodic oxidation that are highly resistant against wear and corrosion. The textured surface also offers better grip than the standard Cellidor scales. The Thunder Gray color is 2022’s signature color, and they add an understated but versatile bit of flair to the tool.

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The Cadet continues to be missed for this year’s colorful iteration, but the next best (if not better) model takes its place to wear the Thunder Gray scales. The Pioneer X is unique and popular among its 93mm models due to the presence of the one of the best spring-loaded scissors you can find on a multi-tool, while still carrying a full complement of eight other functions. Your bases are covered thanks to  a large blade, two screwdrivers and openers, and a reamer among others, while still keeping the weight down to a compact and EDC-friendly 3.3 ounces.

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The Hunter Pro is not to be confused with its smaller cousins sharing its name in the Victorinox lineup. It’s designed for the outdoors, which means that the use case for the Hunter Pro is much more than opening packages in the office. When the cutting jobs get tougher, the knife needs to be up to the task, which is why this sizable knife comes with 3.75” drop-point blade and a matching 5.375” handle for maximum comfort while slicing.

The ribbed Thunder Gray Alox scales also help with grip so every cut is taken with confidence. The lockback mechanism also keeps the blade securely in place when you don’t need it, while offering ambidextrous disengagement. A clip and paracord lanyard rounds out its features, and offers you multiple options for carry and retrieval.

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