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The original minimalist Ridge Wallets have proven themselves as a viable alternative to the bulky bifolds of old. The simple, yet timeless modular design using RFID-blocking aluminum plates lets you bring along up to 12 cards in a compact slip-into-your-pocket package. It’s a landmark in minimalist wallet design, and Ridge have made a name for themselves by getting it right the first time. Since their first successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, Ridge Wallets have found their way into over a quarter of a million pockets worldwide, testament to the versatility of its design, the high-capacity minimalist style, and rock-solid premium construction.

Over the years, Ridge has added alternative high-tech materials to their plate construction including titanium and carbon fiber, but they continue to update the original aluminum version with new colorways and patterns. The Woodland Camo version, in particular, stands out as a great way to show your tactical or outdoors orientation. The mix of OD green and different shades of brown help you complement and complete your themed daily carry.

The two aluminum plates bearing the Woodland Camo pattern are held together by stainless steel, strip-resistant Torx screws along with elastic bands. And because the design is modular, it’s easy to adapt the Ridge Wallet to take up to 12 of your business, cash, credit, and travel cards, allowing for versatility during the times you may need to bring more than your usual essentials. Even at full capacity, cards can fan out by using the finger notch built into the aluminum plate design. This allows you to pull out only the exact card you want at any given time.

The tough aluminum plates also feature RFID-blocking technology to help protect your cards and information against wireless theft. As usual, you can carry cash with this Ridge Wallet with either the Cash Strap or Money Clip option, and easily switch between both as needed. You can also purchase spare parts such as replacement screws and elastics, thereby ensuring continued use from your Ridge wallet for years to come.

Do your back and pockets (and style) a favor by upgrading your bulky wallet to a minimalist Ridge wallet. Convenient access, sturdy modular construction, and premium materials are all worth the price of admission. Check out the Woodland Camo version, as well as other colorways and materials, at the link below.

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