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Plumber (age 42)
I pretty much carry the same stuff every day, but I switch out the flashlights, knives and watches. This watch is a self-winding beater. If it finally dies, I'll spend $50 on another one, but next time it will have a black face and white numbers. I regret the current white face, white hands, white numbers configuration. The NATO Strap really makes it look nice. The real workhorse knife in this setup is the PM2. It makes some people uncomfortable because of its size. I am so glad I finally bought one. The Leatherman PS4 is a knife for sheeple, and it is really handy as a multi-tool. I have the Gerber Dime, Leatherman Style CS, several larger multi-tools, and Leatherman P4. The PS4 is easily the best multi-tool I've ever owned, because of its size, I take it with me. I rarely carry the lighter, but I really like this pairing with the butane insert. The insert makes it even more useful, and it doesn't dry out, like the standard Zippo insert. I have different flashlights on my other keychains. I have many other knives. I'll show them next time when I show my typical weekend EDC and my dress clothes EDC.

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