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Tactile Turn Slider and Glider Bolt Action Pens

With several successful Kickstarter campaigns under their belt, Tactile Turn knows how to machine and deliver a quality EDC pen. After releasing a clicky pen and fountain pen, they're at it again with a duo of bolt action pens—the Slider and Glider. These EDC-ready writing utensils are 100% made in-house with a unique mechanism to open and close the pen.

A bolt action pen typically features a J-shaped groove, which isn't the easiest to use with one hand. The Tactile Turn Slider and Glider use a C-shaped groove that’s easy to engage and disengage with just your thumb. The action feels natural and it’s fun to play with.

The shorter “Slider” model accepts Parker-style refills, while the longer “Glider” model fits G2-style refills. Combined, they’ll accommodate over 50 different refills so you’re sure to find a sturdy EDC pen that's compatible with your favorite refill. Finally, the deep-carry stainless steel clip lets the pen sit in your pocket without sticking out.

Unlike with other Kickstarter campaigns, these pens are already in production, meaning you can expect to only wait 'til early October to get one in your hands. The Slider and Glider are available in several heavy-duty metals including titanium, brass, copper, zirconium, and damascus steel. Check out the campaign page for detailed specs and a video of the bolt mechanism in action.

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Tactile Turn Gist

If you want the absolutely smoothest pen to write with, chances are you’d have to reach for a fountain pen. The problem with those, though, is that they’re usually too delicate to keep in your pocket. The new Tactile Turn Gist was designed with EDC in mind to be a smooth fountain pen that you can carry with confidence. It’s available in either a lightweight polycarbonate or an even more durable solid metal body, complete with metal accents and grip. When in use, the threaded cap securely posts on the end of the body for balance, comfort and convenience. The pen’s most unique feature is the Tactile Turn signature ridged pattern. It spans the entire pen, giving you superb grip and control. An included ink converter, sturdy pocket clip, and many other features make it a truly pocket-friendly fountain pen. Ditch your scratchy pen for something smoother. Get the Gist in your favorite body/nib configuration at the Kickstarter below.

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Tactile Turn Mover

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The Tactile Turn Mover & Shaker are custom machined click pens made from the highest quality materials available and offers some beautiful finishes.

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Tactile Turn Brass Mover Machined Pen


Tactile Turn Brass Mover Review Tactile Turn have been turning heads among pen addicts and EDCers alike with their machined aluminum pens in recent months. Now, they’re back on Kickstarter in all new materials. Do these new pens continue to live up to their names as movers and shakers in the pen market? Read more for my hands-on review of the new Brass Tactile Turn Mover, provided by Will from Tactile Turn...

The Mover by Tactile Turn

The Mover by Tactile Turn Tactile Turn’s precise machining and attention to detail give this aluminum pen a pristine fit and finish. Its retractable tip deploys a variety of compatible refills via a silent metal knock clicky mechanism, which, combined with a deep clip and sturdy aluminum body, makes for a great pocket carry. Even better is its feel in hand: a satisfying heft, substantial barrel and innovative micro-groove grip pattern put The Mover in a league of its own.
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The Best EDC Pens

As technology pushes us towards a paperless world, the pen has become somewhat of an endangered species. For many, it’s still an invaluable tool, and one that’s worthwhile to carry. If you’ve ever had to borrow a pen and are considering adding one to your daily kit, we’ve got you covered in this installment of Carry Smarter...


Tactile Turn Mover (Brass)

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Custom lay pattern for grip to ensure comfortable writing position Body made from 7075 Aluminum Clip made from 301 Spring Steel Click mechanism that won't annoy the hell out...


Tactile Turn Gist

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A line of CNC machined fountain pens made from eight of the best materials known to man, designed to be used hard every day.


Tactile Turn The Shaker Pen

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