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Ridge Wallet Review

Ridge Wallet Review

The Ridge Wallet aims to redefine the wallet with a minimalist design that breaks away from the run-of-the-mill, cut-and-sewn leather and fabric wallets we’ve come to tolerate. It’s a distillation of minimalism and durability in wallet form, with a simple yet effective combination of premium materials and hardware designed to convert your bulky leather wallet into a streamlined carry solution.

But because of its strikingly different design, it begs the question — is it a good wallet for your EDC? Find out in this hands-on review of the Ridge Wallet.

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The Best Everyday Essentials from Everyman

When you start looking at your EDC gear as investments, quality and durability come to the fore as primary factors in your purchase decisions. Being able to find the right combination of performance, aesthetics, and price lets you build a refined and minimalist kit that’s easy to carry and performs exactly when you need it. Everyman is a company focused on providing high value products that make your everyday carry experience better. Driven by their desire to create thoughtfully designed products, they’ve been delivering on consecutive successful Kickstarter campaigns with products that are tailored to the needs of active go-getters and practical EDCers. Here we take a look at the best everyday essentials the brand has to offer, and whether it’s pocket-sized essentials or a daily carry pack, Everyman fulfills on its promise of providing functional and high-quality products built to last.

Grafton Pen

We start with the product that most EDCers know Everyman for: their now-classic Grafton Pen. This buy-for-life, metal-barreled, clicky pen provides reliability and durability in a functional and value-packed design. Its clean and minimalist lines are the result of months of prototyping, including getting feedback from award-winning author and illustrator, Jon Klassen. What you get is a well-balanced, anodized aluminum body with a grooved grip section for comfort and control.

It’s also a versatile pen that’s able to take refills from many different brands: the write-anywhere Fisher Space Pen refill, Monteverde Ballpoint, Parker Gel and Ballpoint, as well as the new and improved Grafton refills. It can also take on Bic Gel, Uniball Jetstream, and Pilot G-2, thanks to the refill sizing kit that’s included in the box. The range of possible refills allows you to personalize your writing experience with the Grafton according to your needs and preferences. A heavy duty bolt-on metal clip provides reliable retention for shirt or pants pocket carry. At 1 ounce and 145 mm long, it’s a familiar form factor that’s both easy to carry all day and easy to use during long writing sessions.

By experience, everyone has their own preferences for an everyday carry pen. The designers at Everyman combined all the qualities they liked in their personal favorites and put it in a refined and versatile package now known as the Grafton Pen. It’s currently available in Black, Gunmetal, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, plus a new colorway for September 2020 that you can order right now, the limited edition Military Grafton, available exclusively on Everyman's website at the link below.

Check out the Grafton Pen

Pre-order the Military Grafton

Holden Card Wallet

Made from soft and supple 100% premium USA cowhide leather, the Holden Card Wallet is designed for those looking for more than a card wallet. Six separate pockets in the classic bifold format gives you the capacity and organization to take all your essential cards and cash in one go. At 2.88" x 4.25" it still retains a compact and slim profile that makes it a great option for a front pocket wallet. Sturdy stitching and the embossed Everyman logo give it a classy and subdued look, while the full-grain leather construction molds better to its contents over time, giving you a wallet that’s unique to you. Get your Holden Card Wallet in a stealthy black or a classy tan colorway, to better match or complement the rest of your EDC kit.

Check out the Holden Card Wallet

Porter Key Multi-Tool 2.0

The Porter Key Multi-Tool 2.0 is the result of improvements in materials, construction, and design over the original version, resulting in a nifty 2.5" accessory that adds functionality to your keychain. Unfold it to reveal a handy 1.2" utility edge that you can use to open packages, cut stray threads, and to do some light cutting tasks. Fold it up and you have access to an always welcome bottle opener. The 3Cr13 stainless steel construction keeps it light and tough, while the familiar form factor means it can go with the rest of your keys unnoticed, until you need it. The Porter Key Multi-Tool 2.0 comes with a reinforced stainless steel cable ring, ready to integrate into your keychain setup.

Check out the Porter Key Multi-Tool 2.0

Hideout Pack

Last but not least, as a way to carry not only your pocket essentials but your entire daily load, Everyman offers its Hideout Pack: a vintage-inspired design meant to tackle your commute, weekend travels, and everyday adventures. This iconic travel pack features durable heavyweight 1680D ballistic nylon, bolstered by a polyurethane coating for improved weather resistance. Underneath, there’s an 800g PVC-coated tarpaulin base, offering better protection when you set it down on rough or dirty surfaces.

A smooth-operating three-way zipper system helps you load up this 17" x 11" x 8" backpack. You’ll find ample room inside the 24-liter main compartment, which includes laminated mesh dump pockets on the sides for organization. These allow you to segregate smaller gear or stow away a change of clothes separate from your main load. On the back, a checkpoint-friendly TSA laptop sleeve, lined with felted wool, keeps your tablet and laptop safe. The whole sleeve opens flat to make travel inspections a simpler and easier affair. Outside the pack, a zippered dump pocket and a fleece-lined compartment provide protection and quick access to gadgets and sunglasses. There’s also a security pocket hidden in the back plate, for your passport, wallet, and other flat valuables.

The Hideout Pack is no ordinary everyday backpack. Multiple prototypes of this versatile bag have traveled all over the world, enduring 300,000 miles over multiple continents, all while surviving different climates, including typhoon season in Japan. The latest version of this pack has been updated with heavy duty leather pulls, a leather handle, and a trolley sleeve that lets you attach it to the rest of your luggage while travelling. It also features improved shoulder straps, plus a sternum strap to keep things stable and help spread the load when it’s fully packed.

Everyman also offers a matching Hideout Dopp Kit designed to fit inside this backpack, which you can get separately or bundled with the Hideout Pack. This one-bag solution blends a timeless design with modern features and indestructible materials, backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Check out the Hideout Pack

Check our the Hideout Dopp Kit

This is a sponsored post presented by Everyman.

Trending: Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer

Trending: Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer

Creating a viable EDC setup is not just about picking the right knife, pen, watch, wallet, flashlight, and others. It’s also about figuring out how you can bring all of that in a comfortable and efficient manner, especially if all your gear choices leave you with overflowing pockets. The Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer offers a versatile 3-pocket layout in an mid-sized accessory pack that’s been tried and tested by many EDCers. Paracord zipper pulls open the clamshell design flat, making it easy to stow and retrieve your gear. Two internal slip pockets, a key chain holder, and an elastic organizer with 9 divisions help you organize all of it. The “fatty” designation means it can expand its compact 5" x 7" x 2" chassis to accommodate even more of your everyday essentials. Meanwhile, the 1000D ballistic nylon construction is both water- and abrasion-resistant to help protect its contents. Last but not least, the PALS webbing exterior gives you the option attach the Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer to your EDC backpack or bag. Check out the different colorways available at the link below.

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Trending: Zebra SL-F1 Mini Ballpoint Pen

Trending: Zebra SL-F1 Mini Ballpoint Pen

The only relevant EDC pen is the one you have within reach when you need it. Signing receipts, logging in for contract tracing, or leaving a quick note for a co-worker or a friend—you never know when you’ll need one. With its miniature body and telescoping action, the Zebra SL-F1 disappears into your pocket or bag, while providing a familiar length and form factor when it’s time to write. The durable metal body measures 3.3" long when retracted, but extends to a comfortable 4.2" when in use. A simple pull deploys the tip of the included smooth-writing Zebra 4C-0.7 Ballpoint Pen Refill. A metal pocket clip keeps this pocket pen secure in your pocket or attached to your wallet or pocket planner. It’s also small enough to pack in an Altoids tin. At 12 grams, it’s an addition to your daily carry that takes up next to no space, yet one you’ll appreciate when you need to write something at a moment's notice. The diminutive Zebra SL-F1 makes sure you’re never without a functional pen within easy reach. Check out this affordable EDC-friendly pen at the link below.

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Sniper Bladeworks 2020: Reload Collection

For many people in the EDC knife community, being able to own a unique limited edition blade designed by a custom knifemaker is the stuff of dreams. Aside from the price of some of those knives, we tend to find out about an interesting knife that you want to add to your collection after they’re already sold out and out of production, especially when it comes to exclusive blades made only in small batches. You have to be in the know at the right time, and we’re here to do that for you today with an opportunity to pick up one or more world-class designs by award-winning fabricator Lance Abernathy and his company Sniper Bladeworks based out of Kansas City.

They’re coming out with a brand new set of five tactical fixed blade knives and folders themed as the “2020: Reload” collection with superior “pistol grip” ergonomics and an overbuilt design language that makes them ready to take on all missions regardless of size. And because they’re only making 555 of each knife, all signed and numbered by the maker, and made available only through their Kickstarter page, if you want one of these knives you’re going to have to reserve one as soon as possible because supplies won’t last. To help you out in your decision, we’ll run down the models that are available for purchase and talk about why you should consider adding them to your own everyday carry.

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Trending: SOTO Pocket Torch

Trending: SOTO Pocket Torch

The SOTO Pocket Torch gives new meaning to the term “pocket rocket,” producing high intensity flame from a compact package that uses common disposable lighters as its refill cartridge. Electronic ignition makes it easy to light up, while the wind-resistant flame ensures its lit for as long as you need it. Simply plug in an entire refillable lighter (one is included) inside the storage chamber, and you’re good to go. Speaking of fuel economy, you can also fill up the same lighter included in the package itself with ordinary lighter fuel using an optional fill adapter. The efficiency of the SOTO Pocket Torch gets up to 60% more usage from a regular disposable lighter, while providing a 0.47" long superfine centralized flame that can reach up to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit. All from a package that’s 4.3" x 2.4" x 0.9" in size. Paracord projects, singeing frayed cordage, or starting a campfire all become easy tasks when you have quick access to this much power. If you’re looking for a micro-torch to bolster the functionality of your EDC, the simple and efficient SOTO Pocket Torch is a solid option. Check it out at the link below.

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