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Black Ember Kompak Collection

There’s a common misconception that minimalist EDC gear equates to a barebones experience with minimal features. But with thoughtful design, the right materials, and clever construction methods, even ultra-compact minimalist gear can go toe-to-toe with beefier alternatives when it comes to functionality. San Francisco-based Black Ember has proven this time and again with their feature-rich, modular technical bags and carry goods. This time around, they’re bringing their signature no-compromise design ethos back to Kickstarter with the Kompak Collection. Featuring a “surprisingly spacious” cross body EDC bag, an ultra-slim bifold wallet, and a magnetic keychain, the Kompak Collection transforms your collection of gear into a sleek and seamless EDC system.

As the cornerstone of the collection, the Kompak crossbody bag defies expectations of what a bag this size can carry. It’s optimized to store most small-to-medium-sized gear in one place, ranging from things like your phone and EDC tools, to notebooks, small tablets, and full-size headphones, compact cameras, and even a travel mug. It achieves this thanks to the combination of an efficiently organized layout and a high-volume main compartment.

The Kompak’s space can be divided into two sections. The rear section’s compartment is more spacious, featuring a zippered pocket at the very back as well as two slide pockets cut at an angle for easy retrieval of flat items. The rest of the space can hold bigger items like headphones or a small camera on top of the previously mentioned compartments.

The front section features three slimmer pockets in total, organized in a vertical manner so you can easily slide your gear in and out. The first compartment is divided into two uneven sections, a wide one for your keys or keychain, and a narrower one, perfect for a pocket knife or flashlight. The second compartment can hold something like a folded facemask or charging cables. Finally, since the third compartment features a cable passthrough, you can use to easily charge your phone with a power bank if you happen to deposit it inside the Kompak’s magnetic front pocket.

Despite its impressive carry potential, the Kompak still rides close to your body for a secure and comfortable fit thanks to Hypalon “wings” that contour and allow the bag to lay flat against your body. The Kompak is one of the first bags on the market to use CORDURA brand ECO recycled nylon fabric. Black Ember leverages its BOND-STITCH construction to produce precise, durable, and weather-resistant seams without the bulk of traditional sewing methods.

Next in the collection is the Mag-Fold Wallet: a minimalist magnetic wallet made from multiple layers of CORDURA nylon. This wallet features four card slots to accommodate a wide range of cards. An elastic band keeps your folded cash in check as a slimmer alternative to a dedicated billfold section. Four hidden magnets provide peace of mind and ease of use, giving you a bit more insurance against your cards or cash falling out without making the wallet harder to use.

Last, but not least in the collection, we have the Magnetic Keychain 02. This elegant new keychain was designed to allow you to easily attach and detach your items when you want to, but stay as secure as possible when you don’t. It attaches to your belt loop, bag, or even one of the Kompak’s pockets with a miniature aluminum hook that features a spring-loaded gate. Once you’ve successfully attached it, you can use its Fidlock buckle below to quickly and easily release whatever you’re carrying, from your car keys to a compact piece of gear.

No matter the item in the Kompak Collection, one thing’s clear: Black Ember’s designs consistently give you as much functionality as they can while retaining an elegant, minimal aesthetic with a construction that’s worthy of any EDC. You can learn more about the collection at their fully funded Kickstarter campaign linked below before it ends on 11/12/21 at 12PM PST.

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GPCA X Clip PRO Carabiner and Leash Set

GPCA X Clip PRO Carabiner and Leash Set

There are many uses for a strong and durable carabiner in your everyday carry, but when you own a dog, integrating a system like that into the leash for your pet can be life changing. That’s where the new GPCA X Clip Set comes in, bringing you a modern EDC-friendly dog leash system that offers durability and quick detach convenience while also being much more comfortable for your canine friend than the standard keychain hook you’ll find on an off-the-shelf leash. And the best part: the carabiner can be useful for your EDC, too.

More than a carabiner hook system, the GPCA X Clip PRO Set features a pull system for control and a modular design that allows for handling more than one dog at a time. The clip is designed to quick attach/detach from a D-ring at any angle, and it like the rest of the set is precision CNC machined out of durable stainless steel and titanium with diamond knurling for extra grip.

The control clip lets you get a firm grip on the rope leash that’s far more comfortable and secure than wrapping the leash itself around your hands, and because it can clip onto your belt you can stow the leash away when you’re at a place where one is not required, letting your best friend roam free to explore their surroundings. The system also lets you secure your buddy if you need to quickly dart into a private establishment where they can’t follow.

And even if you don’t own a canine companion, you’ll appreciate the overbuilt durability and practicality of having a large everyday carry carabiner as part of your EDC, especially if you need to carry around lots of things while camping or traveling away from home.

If you’re looking to up your game and buy a leash that’s as smartly designed as the rest of your everyday carry, you should take a look at the Kickstarter page for the GPCA X Grip PRO Set. General Purpose California has had two successful campaigns in the past and the X Grip leash system is set to be their third hit. And if you click the link below and secure one for yourself today you can take advantage of the early bird pricing as well.

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Trending: Bestech Beluga

Trending: Bestech Beluga

If you’re in the market for a mid-size folding knife with a modern look, the Bestech Beluga is definitely worth your attention. Measuring in at a respectable 3.125", the drop point blade stands out thanks to its two-tone appearance. The black finish starts at the spine of the blade where the jimping lies and extends all the way to the tip. This gives it a nice contrast with the satin finish of the D2 steel blade. The G-10 handles feature precision-cut ergonomics for a comfortable and secure grip; use of the material also keeps the overall weight down at a lighter 3.8 oz. They also feature a hi-vis orange colorway, making it easier to find inside a messy bag or if you ever drop the knife in the outdoors. A flipper tab is in charge of deployment, enhanced by ceramic ball bearings for a smoother opening. Once the blade is out, it’s held securely in place via a liner lock. Once you’re done with your work, you can close up the knife and comfortably carry it thanks to its tip-up pocket clip.

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Customize a Deejo Pocket Knife with MyDeejo

EDC is by nature highly personalized—people not only have different personalities but different needs as well. And it isn’t just the combination of items that we should be able to customize. Why not the tools themselves? Pocket knives in particular can be tough to dial in, with plenty to consider from how it performs, to how it looks, and much more. So why shouldn’t you be able to build your knife from the blade (or the hilt) up?

MyDeejo is the unique online customization service offered by Deejo. Here, you get the advantages of a slim and sleek Deejo knife paired with hundreds of combinations of options to customize a design that's truly yours. You have a classic, ultra-thin blade of 420 stainless steel with an integrated liner lock to keep the knife strong, but still light. A skeletonized handle also contributes to the weight (or lack thereof), and the holster you get with every purchase makes it perfect for EDC. As for handling, you get easy one-handed deployment thanks to a large pivot and friction opening.

But all this is just what you have to start with. Get on MyDeejo, and you can really start to play. The process is simple—just follow these 5 steps using the site’s 3D interface to build up your dream pocket knife.

Step 1: Choose the size and weight of your Deejo knife. You have three options for this step: 0.53 oz (2.76”), 0.95 oz (3.54”), or 1.31 oz (4.33”).

Step 2: Decide on the finishing of your blade. You can choose between mirror, titanium, or black titanium.

Step 3: Select your handle. You can go with naked, color, carbon fiber, or wood.

Step 4: “Tattoo” your Deejo. The customization tool lets you play with over 60 illustrations so you can tailor your knife to your personality. These illustrations include tribal patterns, art deco, animal themes, outdoor and location themes, and more. Even today tattoos are being added, so check out new designs like "chef," "shark," "corsair," and "good luck."

Step 5: Engrave. Make this blade truly unique to you (or for a special someone) by specifying a name or phrase to engrave onto the handle.

Step 6: Order and enjoy. You’ll have noticed that the price changes with your customizations, so you get real-time updates on the value of your knife. So finalize your design with the 5 steps above, hit “Order,” fill up the necessary information, and wait for your Deejo to be arrive at your doorstep. Then show it off as your unique-to-you EDC.

You can step up your own EDC with the unique flair a customized knife from MyDeejo affords, or you can whip up the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Check out how to customize a Deejo pocket knife with MyDeejo at the link below.

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How SOG Reinvented Itself, One Tool at a Time
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How SOG Reinvented Itself, One Tool at a Time

If there’s one brand that’s been on a redemption arc and should definitely be on your radar lately, it’s SOG. Back when we first started covering EDC in 2009, SOG had a reputation for being popular with the tactical EDC crowd, thanks to their all-black designs decked out with aggressive styling, skulls and all. That isn’t the reputation SOG had initially, and it’s one that the brand has been working hard to move away from. 

In a triumphant return to form, SOG’s latest and upcoming products have demonstrated innovation, attention to customer needs, and improved quality across the board. I’ve personally seen the transformation take place year by year with each new knife or tool I handle from the brand and after having the opportunity to speak to the team at different trade shows. In this retrospective I’ll highlight how SOG reinvented itself by returning to its roots, one tool at a time.

September'21 Setup
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Trending: Spyderco Lil' Native

Trending: Spyderco Lil' Native

The Lil' Native features Spyderco’s unique compression lock technology, which ensures a secure blade that won’t wobble around or much less close up on you even during hard use. That reliable locking technology allows you to leverage its compact 2.47" S30V stainless steel blade to the max. And with its G10 scales and the additional grip surface at the choil of the blade, you can get a full and tight grip on the packet knife during use, giving you precise control over the cut.

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Ridge Black Damascus Wallet

The Ridge Wallet is one of the most popular minimalist card holder wallets with the EDC community for a reason, thanks to its convenient design and its extensive customizability. You can pick a model with your favorite decorative faceplate on the edges of the wallet, and there’s a wide selection to choose from. Their latest release, Black Damascus, evokes the exotic waves and organic lines you find on everyday carry knives made of Damascus steel. The end result is a bold look that will accompany the rest of your everyday carry well, especially if you sport the right kind of folding knife.

With this edition of the Ridge Wallet, the look and feel of Damasteel was accomplished by precision laser engraving onto SUS304 stainless steel, for a crisp and clean look without the countless folds required to forge multiple steels together to form an actual cutting edge. The waves offer a subtle amount of contrast to the overall look of the wallet, and it makes it stand out from the standard models of the Ridge Wallet, making an already beautiful design even more gorgeous in person.

Everything else that makes the Ridge Wallet a great choice for a minimalist everyday carry remains the same with the Black Damascus edition. It can carry up to 12 cards in its plate-and-band form factor without stretching out. The use of metal also means that it blocks RFID signal leakage, helping protect you against wireless theft of your payment and identification info when you’re on the go. And if anything does go wrong with the wallet, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty that ensures that Ridge will make it right for you.

Whether you’re looking to pick up a Ridge Wallet for the first time or you’re looking to gift one to someone dear to you, the new Ridge Black Damascus Wallet is a great choice. As with all the special editions of the Ridge Wallet, if it sparks your interest you should click the link below and secure one of these limited edition wallets for yourself before it’s gone.

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Black Carry Colorful Life
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Gerber Lockdown Drive

Gerber Lockdown Drive

The Gerber Lockdown Drive is a new slim and compact multi-tool that has the same footprint as a run-of-the-mill EDC folding knife, but can do much more than cut. It fits useful EDC functions in its small frame without adding too much bulk and weight to your pockets, while sporting a modern aesthetic that sets itself apart from most multi-tools. It’s an attractive addition to your curated everyday carry ensemble, offering essential functionality at an exceptional price.

The Lockdown Drive sports a 3.87" length while closed and a 2.5" plain-edge main blade that locks into place with a secure frame lock. And with a total weight of 4.5 ounces it weighs less than most full-size butterfly style multi-tools. While the Lockdown Drive lacks the pliers that those tools have, it still features 6 dedicated tools including the knife, a chisel, file, awl, 1/4" locking driver (a much-requested feature on its Armbar predecessor), and even a dedicated exchangeable #11 craft utility blade that lets you do precise cutting tasks without dulling the main blade for frequent use.

The handle features a textured metal exterior that affords you a lot of grip no matter which tool you use, and when you’re done with the Lockdown Drive you can store it in your pockets like an EDC folding knife, complete with deep carry pocket clip for added discretion and storage convenience.

With its rich feature set and compact, modern design, the Gerber Lockdown Drive is set to become your go-to multi-tool as you tackle your essential everyday tasks. It’s an especially good option for anyone who is looking to pare their EDC down to the essentials, as it lets you consolidate a compact toolkit to one item in your pockets.

Check it out at the link below, and be sure to also check out its brother the Lockdown Pry, which trades in the locking driver for a cast pry bar built into its body.

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For decades G-SHOCK has become the go-to watch whenever you want indestructible durability and a solid set of everyday timekeeping features. And while tough-as-nails quality will always be the foundation of each G-SHOCK, modern and evolving tech means a watch that can keep up with your daily moves, anytime, anywhere. The GBD200-1 is the frontrunner in the G-SHOCK MOVE lineup, taking inspiration from the tough watches that came before while offering modern tracking as a companion for every activity.

The GBD200-1 presents a digital display wrapped with a square case design, reminiscent of classic G-SHOCK offerings with a thin 15mm profile. This compact form means you can get all the toughness and features you expect without the added bulk. This also gives you a lighter wrist for workouts, the ability to slip under jackets and long sleeves, and more comfort for all-day wear and tracking, especially when paired with the soft urethane band.

As part of the MOVE lineup the GBD200-1’s core features revolve around fitness, including a step tracker, interval timers, lap time measurement, as well as a calories burned tracker, giving you a solid suite of numbers to work on for personal improvement. You can also connect the GBD200-1 to your smartphone via Bluetooth to take full advantage of GPS for calibration and running distance, speed and pace measurements. Once calibrated, there’s no need to be tethered to your smartphone on your next run. Whether your smartphone is on you or not, the GBD200-1 can sync with G-SHOCK's MOVE smartphone app and log your activity history so you can compare and measure your statistics over time, perfect for helping you improve your performance and manage your health.

But let’s not forget that this goal-crushing machine is also a life-proof G-SHOCK. This means setting the standard for toughness and resilience like 200M of water resistance, a scratch-resistant mineral glass, a shock-resistant resin case, as well as an LED super-illuminator backlight for when your fitness journey takes you to low-light environments. All of it packed inside a 49mm case that weighs in at only 58g, in keeping with the GBD200-1’s compact profile.

The G-SHOCK GBD200-1 is the watch to wear when the “C” in your EDC stands for curls, cardio, and calisthenics. Pick it up in two colors at the link below.

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Trending: Victorinox Pioneer X Alox

Trending: Victorinox Pioneer X Alox

Victorinox's Alox line gives you the robustness of their 3.6” multi-tools while drastically reducing their weight thanks to embossed aluminum scales with anodic oxidation. What you lose in handle-based tools like tweezers and toothpicks, you gain in sleekness that make them ideal for everyday carry. Among the Alox Swiss Army Knives, the Pioneer X is unique thanks to its pair of scissors, adding much-needed utility when a blade isn't the perfect tool for the job. With 8 other tools it's a perfect pocketable multi-tool to add to any EDC. Pick up a Pioneer X at the link below.

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