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Customize Your Deejo Pocket Knife With More Designs Than Ever

Deejo is a French cutlery brand that creates ultra-lightweight knives that you can customize on their website, providing a plethora of options and personalized details to make a knife truly your own. Turning the everyday pocket knife into a stylish accessory and a unique heirloom drives the company’s designs and offerings, supported by the belief that a lightweight knife that you love and use often is more likely to offer utility and give you the pleasure of ownership over an expensive one that lives in a drawer.

Seven years of innovation have led to the brand having a strong online and in-store presence and over 6,000 points of sale worldwide. They've launched even more new and original tattoo designs in 2022 to be added to the choices you can have etched onto the blade of any of their svelte and featherweight models, so it's the best time ever to treat yourself to a custom new knife, give a unique gift, or to celebrate new milestones ahead.

Customizing your knife is easy on the MyDeejo site, where you are greeted by a simple and responsive interface that visually reflects all your current design choices from the number of options available. It’s best to begin with the overall size of the knife so it’s easier to preview what your final design will look like. You have choice of three options: a 7 cm long model that weighs 15 grams, a 9 cm one that weighs 27, and a large 11 cm long model that still only weighs 37 grams. These cover different use profiles, from letter opener to backup knife to primary EDC blade.

After choosing the size of your custom knife, you have plenty of options for blade finish, handle scales, and etching on the blade. You can choose a classic Mirror finish, a subdued Grey Titanium one, or a stealthy Black Titanium finish for the tough and corrosion-resistant 420 stainless steel blade. Last but not least, you have over 50 options for designs that you can have etched on the blade, giving your knife a distinct aesthetic. Included are the 12 new knife tattoos introduced this year, which feature artwork related to Goal, Mountain, Moon Phase, Pharaoh Skull, Samurai, T-Rex, Sailing, Viking Vegvisir, Whale, Butterfly, Chinese Dragon, and Immortal, among all the other choices already available.

You also have the option of engraving yours or the name of a gift recipient on the handle itself. This or a memorable phrase or quotation makes the knife unique and personal. All your choices are previewed on a 3D rendering of your chosen design that you can scale or rotate, letting you review and make any last minute changes before you pull the trigger on your order. You can also share your design on social media and let your friends see your handiwork.

Last but not least are new choices for the perfect handle to match your custom blade. New for 2022 are options for Blue Beech Wood and Camo, along with popular options like carbon fiber weave or animalistic scales. Once you order, it normally takes Deejo two business days to build your custom design and ship it. Aside from a full custom option, you an also check Deejo’s pre-made combinations that are ready for purchase and shipment.

Getting a svelte and sleek gentleman’s knife done right, with your own unique design choices, has never been easier. And this year, new knife tattoos and handle selections bolster their already plentiful design choices, so you now have more options than ever to choose from. Check out the link below to start creating one for your own.

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5.11 Norris Sneaker

Sometimes in EDC, it’s easy to forget that what’s on our body can be just as important as what we carry inside our pockets. After all, what’s the point of packing knives, flashlights and wallets if the gear you’re wearing won’t get you where you need to go? 5.11 is well aware of this, as illustrated by their vast catalog of high-performance clothing and tactical apparel. One of their most successful examples is the Norris Sneaker, which brings the durability and thoughtful design of their EDC accessories to a casual sneaker that’s built to support and protect your feet without compromising comfort and style.

Starting from the bottom, the Norris sneaker features a Vibram Marbrani outsole for extra durability. 5.11 knows that having solid footing wherever your adventure takes you is paramount. That’s why they’ve also included XS Trek technology, which provides traction even in wet surfaces, so you can feel sure-footed rain or shine. The sole also includes a Welmax board that’s been ASTM-certified to be puncture resistant for up to 290 pounds of force. The inside of the sneaker is as comfortable as it is tough on the outside, all thanks to a cushioned Ortholite footbed.

The rest of the Norris sneaker is built upon this solid foundation, constructed with hard use in mind. Take a look at the toe section for example, which has been reinforced with climbing-grade rubber to add an extra layer of traction and protection on steep terrain and scrambles. An ankle collar will make sure this high-top sneaker provides you with the support and stability you need to traverse commutes and hikes alike while a padded tongue protects against hotspots for long treks on foot.

More fashionable than a tactical shoe, more durable than a regular sneaker, the Norris finds the right balance between fashion and function. Pick one up at the link below.

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The Vincero Argo Automatic Watch

Named after the warship used to retrieve the Golden Fleece in Greek Mythology, the Vincero Argo is a watch meant to prove that you don’t have to decide between style or functionality when it comes to what’s on your wrist. Though this fresh take on the classic dive watch silhouette might look like a timepiece you would pair with a suit or wear to a formal occasion, the Argo is built tough to give you the rugged functionality that an EDC watch demands.

The Argo presents itself with a medium-sized 41mm diameter case made from 316L surgical stainless steel. Its 20mm bracelet is made out of the same material and closes via a secure push button clasp; though if you prefer, you can opt for an additional silicone band. The face features white circles and indices acting as the hour markers, each surrounded by an accenting metal outline.

You’ll also find a smaller 24 hour dial on the outer rim of the face, for those used to military time. And if you find yourself in low-light conditions, both hands of the Argo along with its indices have been coated with Swiss Super-LumiNova paint, offering an excellent bright blue glow in the dark.

The Argo doesn’t just look the part of a dive watch—it’s fully equipped with the features you’d depend on deep under the surface. For example, you’ll have access to a unidirectional rotating bezel, helping you measure time elapsed while diving. The face itself is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, coupled with a transparent sapphire caseback, meant to showcase the beautiful machinery inside. This, combined with a screw-down crown at the 3 o’clock position makes the Argo water-resistant down to 200 meters.

All of this is powered by a reliable automatic Citizen Miyota Series 9015 movement. Like most mechanical watches this allows the watch to wind its mainspring via the regular movements of your arm and wrist, so with regular use you won’t have to ever worry about replacing a battery. And for whenever you’re not wearing the watch, a 40-hour reserve means you’ll have a near-weekend’s worth of power, ready to wear again to start off the week.

You don’t have to decide between form or function with the the Argo, thanks to providing both in a single, modern package. Pick one up in one of its five different colorways at the link below.

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Bellroy Venture Collection

Bellroy Venture Collection

Finding a work bag that’s durable enough for travel yet equipped for a day in the office is already a tall order. Finding one that ticks all the boxes for a working professional and an outdoorsy weekend warrior is a challenge few brands can solve.

Leave it to Bellroy—with their extensive experience in crafting utility-driven EDC gear—to deliver a set of bags built for everyday adventures. Their new Venture Collection is well-suited for everyday carry anywhere life takes you.

As a certified B-Corp, Bellroy also prides itself on creating durable and sustainable EDC gear. That's why these bags feature 100% recycled, water-resistant woven materials.

With three different bags in the collection, chances are there’s something for you and your next adventure.

Venture Backpack

Bellroy designed the new Venture Backpack as an evolution of their learnings from producing several previous heavy-hitters, like the Apex Backpack, Transit Workpack, and Chimera. That thoughtful design works for office commutes, traveling, and short outdoor hikes.

The 22L capacity is perfect for a day’s worth of gear. For easy loading and unloading, the front panel unzips to lie flat. The top flap makes accessing the inside of the bag quick and easy. The dedicated internal laptop sleeve can accommodate up to a 16" device while keeping it protected with ample padding. The shoulder straps are also padded for comfort. Combined with adjustable sternum straps, the Venture Backpack hauling a full load manageable.

Venture Duffel

The spacious 40L Venture Duffel hauls everything you might need for travel and does it in style. It features a clean and minimalist look that stands out from most other bags at the luggage carousel. The ultrawide zip opening makes it easy to take full advantage of the bag's size. The top handles and side grab loops help you get it through tight baggage compartments. And your back will appreciate the Venture duffles' extra-padded detachable shoulder straps.

Venture Sling 10L - Camera Edition

If cameras and small electronics are part of your everyday carry, the Venture Sling Camera Edition is for you. It's Bellroy's first bag specifically designed for photographers. The Venture Sling has a padded 10L capacity and a quick access top zipper design. There's enough room for a mirrorless or compact camera and the lenses you need to get through the day. The exterior tripod straps come in handy when needed. On lighter days, the self-compressing gussets keep the bag slim. The ambidextrous shoulder strap allows for front or rear carry, and you can remove it for storage too.

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Magpul DAKA Utility Organizer

Magpul DAKA Utility Organizer

If you haven’t waded into the waters of pocket organizers, you might be missing out. Organizers help you keep your things neat and protected and make it easier to swap between different loadouts. Determined to help you make the most out of your EDC, Magpul designed the DAKA Utility Organizer using premium materials and a thoughtful design. It carries the minimalist but resilient build of the rest of the DAKA line, built in a bigger size to help manage your everyday gear.

Measuring 4.5” x 7.5” x 1.75”, the DAKA Organizer stays relatively compact and can fit inside a backpack, a sling, or even a jacket. An oversized pull tab is a connection point for a lanyard or carabiner for further practicality. This versatility makes it perfect as a first aid kit, a tool kit, a travel kit, and many others.

The DAKA Organizer’s exterior comes in a reinforced polymer fabric with an anti-slip texture, ensuring whatever you place inside it stays protected from external forces. This fabric makes the organizer immune to retaining moisture and gives it semi-rigid anatomy to better protect the contents against crushing. The DAKA Utility Organizer uses RF Welded seams and a YKK AquaGuard zipper to enhance its water resistance further.

The inside of the organizer comes in a two-part layout. One side features a large, zippered mesh pocket, ideal for storing smaller, loose items like coins, flash drives or keys, or irregularly shaped objects like phone chargers. The other comes with two vertical pockets as well as three elastic pass-throughs. The vertical pockets help store documents, notebooks, and other flat items, while the elastic loops hold onto pocket knives, multi-tools, flashlights, and more.

The Utility Organizer is an excellent addition to the rest of Magpul’s DAKA line and offers a low-profile but high-performance option to organize your essentials. Pick it up at the link below.

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The 22 Best Tactical Pens for EDC in 2022

The 22 Best Tactical Pens for EDC in 2022

A tactical pen can be a great addition to your everyday carry when it comes to self-defense. Not only can it be used as a writing instrument, but it can also be used as a self-defense tool in close quarters situations. There are a lot of different tactical pens on the market, so it can be challenging to find the right one for you. Our experts have put together a list of the 22 best tactical pens for EDC in 2022, so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Tactical pens are often low-profile self-defense tools, making them ideal EDC choices. Common tactical pen features are heavy knurling on the body for grip, a pocket clip for simple retrieval, and sometimes a glass breaker tip for emergencies. Even if you don't intend to use your tactical pen for more active applications, it will frequently be strong enough to handle heavy use and inconspicuous enough not to attract undue attention.

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