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StatGear Hygiene Hand

Now more than ever it’s important to avoid touching high-contact surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, and payment terminals with your bare hands. That’s because all it takes is accidentally touching your face to put you at risk of infection. And access to hand sanitizer or a hand washing station can be limited in these trying times. The team at StatGear knows this firsthand as they’re based in New York City, an area hit especially hard by the coronavirus outbreak. That’s why they’re returning to Kickstarter with their latest creation, the Hygiene Hand. It’s a clever keychain solution that can help you handle high-contact surfaces while minimizing exposure to germs and viruses. If you’re looking for ways to switch up your EDC to protect yourself and others while practicing social distancing and quarantining, adding the StatGear Hygiene Hand to your kit can come in, well, handy.

StatGear has a long history of developing and delivering quality EDC products via crowdfunding, and their new Hygiene Hand was developed as a result of their company being located right at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City. The StatGear Hygiene Hand is a keychain tool made out of brass, which is inherently antimicrobial unlike other materials like stainless steel where viruses can thrive for days on end. You should still wash the tool, and your hands, thoroughly after use because it’s not an end-all and be-all solution to prevent you from getting sick.

But with the hook design of the Hygiene Hand, you can at least avoid direct contact with door handles and call buttons. And because the tool has a stylus tip, you can use it on touchscreens like on ATM and point of sale terminals when you have to go out to run errands for yourself and the ones you love. The StatGear Hygiene Hand’s utility isn’t just limited to a pandemic situation, either. You can keep it with you for the years to come when you just don’t want to touch surfaces in grimy situations. And because the brass composition of the tool will develop an attractive patina over time, you can see it as a memento to remind yourself that you got through such a momentous time in human history by having the right everyday carry tools on hand.

To secure a Hygiene Hand for yourself today, you can make a pledge to StatGear’s fully-funded Kickstarter today at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by StatGear.

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Trending: Böker Plus Kansei

Trending: Böker Plus Kansei

Inspired by the traditional Japanese Nori knife, the Böker Plus Kansei makes for a svelte and stylish gent’s knife. This week’s feature for Slicer Saturday comes from knifemaker Kansei Matsuno. The Japanese design features a blade with Japanese origins as well. The Kansei’s 3.125“ hollow-ground blade is ground from Japanese-made VG-10 stainless steel, known for its hardness and capacity to take on a razor sharp edge. It’s paired with cocobolo wood handle scales to make a traditional design, enhanced by the leather lanyard pull looped through a hole on the tail end of the handle. A tiny front flipper tab handles deployment, and unlike most flipper knives, sits out of the way when you carry this lightweight 1.52 ounce knife in your pocket. A liner lock mechanism keeps deployment and retraction safe and easy, while a slim stainless steel pocket clip keeps things discreet during jacket or pants carry. The Böker Plus Kansei ticks off a lot of boxes if you’re looking for an ultralight and discreet gentleman’s knife for your EDC, especially if you’re a fan of the Japanese aesthetic. Check it out this elegant and distinctive design at the link below.

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Giveaway: Win Over $350 Worth of Dango Gear!

With a name synonymous with highly functional and robust wallets, Dango leads the way with improving and innovating with their EDC essentials. And even with an extensive catalog covering all your card-carrying needs, they’re still on the cutting edge of refining their gear, and as a result, your EDC too. This led to the development of an innovative DTEX material now available as an alternative to leather for most of their wallets. It's a non-leather, highly durable, and water-resistant material that you can opt for when choosing your next Dango wallet.

And the best part is, you don’t have to spend a thing to try out one of their DTEX wallets. Our friends at Dango are hooking up Everyday Carry readers with a giveaway package with almost $400 worth of DTEX gear, including five different options for your next everyday cash and card carrier, as well as a heavy-duty capsule to keep your coins in check. Click the button below to join the giveaway. and check out the gear up for grabs below!

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Trending: Nixon Regulus

Trending: Nixon Regulus

Designed with input from Special Operations agents, the Nixon Regulus sports a simple and sturdy design with a bit of a tactical aesthetic. It’s not all looks though, as it’s packed with features that make it relevant for both EDC and hard field use. The Regulus keeps you on top of time with three independent alarms plus dual chronograph functions that allow you to separately track events or tasks, like a mission critical assignment, workout times, or simply how soon dinner’s going to be ready. When you need to keep a low profile, you can access the silent mode and turn down the LED brightness to suit your circumstance. The custom digital LCD module that functions as the watch’s brain is encased in polyurethane and poron foam within the 46mm wide case, protecting it from shock and the rough and tumble of everyday use. The case sealing plus water-resistant pushers help keep the watch safe to take down to 100 meters, and its five year battery keeps you reliably powered for any expedition.

For a very stylish yet highly functional EDC watch, check out the Nixon Regulus and its variants at the link below.

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Giveaway: Win $250 Worth of Trayvax Gear Daily!

If you’re in the EDC community but you’re not familiar with Trayvax and their line of multi-function minimalist wallets, you’re definitely missing out. Founded in 2013 and based out of Washington State, Trayvax was one of the first companies to put out a viable multi-function slim minimalist wallet for the community. Their idea was to put together a wallet that could stand up to everyday use, but also provide enough function be more than just a wallet holding your payment cards in your pocket.

Trayvax’s innovative design philosophy makes their gear a compelling choice when it comes to outfitting your personal everyday carry. And one of the best parts is that in 2020, you might not even have to spend a single dollar to get their gear in hand. That’s because Trayvax is quite literally giving away a full loadout of their gear to a lucky winner every single day this year. You get their Contour Wallet, their Original 2.0 Wallet, the Armored Summit Wallet, their Cinch Lite Belt, and the Link Lanyard, worth more than $250 in total. And all you have to do to win is sign up for their free giveaway on their website.

Enter to Win

You can also increase your chances to win by doing things like following Trayvax on social media and sharing information about their giveaway to your friends and family. Just remember, it’s a daily drawing limited to people in the United States only, and all entries are cleared on a daily basis. You can check out more of the details and rules for the giveaway by reading Trayvax’s blog post.

On the bright side, if you don’t win on any particular day, you can sign up again every day until the year is done, so there’s plenty of chances to win free gear! And if you’d like to know more about the gear you can win, we’ve put together this short primer on each item so you know what you’re getting.

Trending: RovyVon Aurora A3x

Trending: RovyVon Aurora A3x

RovyVon’s Aurora series has had a lengthy run of compact flashlight excellence. From powerful outputs to unique body materials and creative use of extraneous LEDs, the series has become a mainstay for many EDCers. The A3x comes as an evolution of their popular keychain lights as it climbs our trending charts for Torch Thursday, upgrading the output of the Cree XP-G3 S5 LED to 650 lumens while improving the button design and lengthening the chassis by 5mm for easier operation. A change in the user interface provides mode memory so you can turn it on at the brightness level you last used, and makes the strobe function less likely to be accidentally accessed. The 260 mAh internal battery fully charges in 70 minutes with the integrated micro USB port, giving the light a quick turnaround for extended periods of use. Add a bold splash of color to your EDC with this Lucky Red version, clad in an IP65-rated, weather-resistant, red anodized aluminum body.

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