Travel Stash Leather Notebook by Bull & Stash

Carrying a small notebook is something that many EDCers swear by. Whether you're jotting down notes or making a grocery list, a quality notebook is a solid investment. The Travel Stash by Bull & Stash checks off many of the boxes for what makes a good pocket notebook: it's durable, refillable, and beautifully designed.

It's wrapped in handcrafted, quality leather that's made of free-range cowhide sourced from the Pacific Northwest and hand-finished in Italy. This tough outer cover protects your notes and sketches from damage and ages gracefully with the rest of your EDC. The Travel Stash has 30 pages of refillable paper—enough for your ideas without being overly thick. Once you finally do fill it up, you can easily swap in new pages and reuse the same notebook cover.

Bull & Stash has also teamed up with the Central Asia Institute (CAI) to help further education in Asia this month. For every notebook sold, Bull & Stash will donate a notebook to a student through the CAI until June 1st. They have limited edition versions of the Stash notebooks in a pink leather cover, just in time for Mother's Day, too. Check them out at the link below.

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Field Notes Wallet

Many people carry Field Notes or similar pocket notebooks, but they’re usually not too durable. Anyone who has ever EDC’d a notebook knows that sometimes pages get torn out and covers get worn. It happens. Putting your notebook in a leather book cover like the Field Notes Wallet can protect it from everyday wear and tear. Not only does it keep your valuable notes safe, but its extra features let it double as a wallet too.

As its name implies, the Field Notes Wallet keeps your notebook in tip-top shape and stores your cards with three dedicated slots. Under the card slots is a single large pocket where you can stash cash and other small items. Each wallet is handmade from genuine leather, and the craftsmanship is reflected in the stitching and overall fit and finish.

You can ditch your bulky wallet, keep your notes intact, and add a classic-looking leather item that ages well with your carry. It’s a win-win-win. If you’re looking for a more practical way to carry your pocket notebooks, hit the link below and check out the Field Notes Wallet.

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Pacific & West Walnut & Brass Notebooks

Creativity is fuelled by surrounding inspiration. And if you’re looking for a handsome notebook to write in it’s hard to beat Pacific & West Walnut & Brass Notebooks. Each boasts two 0.08-inch thin five ply genuine walnut covers — both on the front and back — that are bound together using a brass double coil and sandwiched over 100% post consumer recycled paper that comes in plain, ruled, or dot grid… (via GearHungry)

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Wipebook Pro

White boards are great for working out an idea, showing it off to others, and most importantly - they're easy to clean up. The one tiny problem with trying to EDC one is that most of the time, they’re gigantic… and bolted to the wall. The Wipebook Pro lets you bring a whiteboard with you, along with all the perks of its wall-mounted counterpart. Each book contains 20 pages of whiteboard paper that's excellent for on-the-go use. You can write on the pages with dry erase markers, but don't worry about smudging and accidental erasing. The new Wipebook Pro contains pages coated with a proprietary hypergloss film that ensures each page is clean and marker free, but only when you want it to be. The brass wire binding complements the faux leather cover while letting you lay the book flat for easy digitization. If you want digital backups of your written ideas, you can easily snap a shot of your notes thanks to the Wipebook Pro’s bright, clear pages. The covers even include an integrated pen holder so you're always ready to write. The Wipebook Pro comes in several different sizes, with or without ruling. Head over to the Kickstarter via the button below to learn more.

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First Draft Co. Notebook

Great ideas, no matter how big or small, have to start somewhere. If pen and paper are your preferred workflow tools, then it’s only fitting to jot down the beginnings of your next big idea in a First Draft Co. notebook. It’s designed to capture and protect your thoughts with the freedom of large, high-quality, blank sheets. Each page conveniently lays flat, giving you a full edge-to-edge landscape to work with so you can make every page count. Wrap it up in a durable woven fabric hard cover for durability, and use its included elastic band to keep the book shut and your pen or pencil of choice at the ready. For easier access to your notes, you can remove the band altogether, and jump back into place with an integrated anti-fray ribbon bookmark. At 5.5 by 8.25 inches with a massive 224 page count, the notebook is on the larger side to last through your first draft and many more to follow. With a strong feature set and made in the USA quality like this, the First Draft Co. notebook needs little revision. They’re available in navy, brick red, and sand beige to check out over at First Draft Co.’s website.


Declan x Word. Collection

Despite how useful they can be, handkerchiefs seem to be overlooked and under carried. These technical fabric pocket squares from Declan just might be able to change that. They’re made from Delcan M120, a specially engineered microfiber twill textile that looks and feels like a traditional handkerchief, but offers the smudge-fighting performance of cleaning cloths to keep your eyewear, camera lenses, and screens looking pristine. Declan's latest release comes as a collab with Word., known for their pocket-friendly notebooks, hip designs, and unique page layouts. Declan and Word. actually swapped and customized patterns from each other for the collab set. The Declan Major comes in a vibrant variation of Word.'s popular Indigo covers, while the notebooks rock an updated colorway of the Declan “Lang” floral print. If you’re still buffing out smudges from your glasses or phone with your shirt, these aesthetic and functional essentials should come in handy. Grab ‘em as a bundle (it’ll save you a few bucks) at the link below to keep your notes and your lenses clear.

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The Best 2017 Planners for Everyday Carry

The new year is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to set new goals for yourself. Making resolutions is easy, but sticking to them is the hard part. One way to get closer to achieving your goals is to be organized, and a planner or EDC notebook can make all the difference. To help you stay on top of things, we’ve put together six of the best planners you can carry everyday.

Rite In The Rain Centennial Bound Book

If you’ve ever been laying prone, kestrel meter at hand staring down a scope at a target over half a mile away you know how important details are. Recording and knowing the variables of each shot from density altitude to wind speed can mean inches. Add rain to the mix and your standard logs become useless, waterlogged, ink stained pulp. Whether it’s that or recording in nature regardless of the weather conditions, Rite in the Rain’s books are the answer… (via GearHungry)

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Word. Dot Grid Notebooks

Word. Notebooks’s signature bullet-point page layout is great for staying productive and organized, but not so much for drawing and sketching. Their latest release, the Dot Grid, features a new page layout with a matrix of dots, each 5x5mm apart. This combines the freedom of a blank page, the ease of writing on a line, and the precision of standard graph paper. Geared towards artists and designers, the Dot Grid lets your sketches and mockups do the talking, without traditional printed ruling getting in the way. The covers of these books also feature a dot grid on a white background, making it easy to add a title, sketch a drawing, or further personalize your book. If lined notebooks aren’t your thing, and you find graph paper is too cluttered, definitely consider the Word. Dot Grid books.


Field Notes Colors "Shenandoah"

Field Notes releases a special limited edition every season, revolving around a central theme. The newest edition, “Shenandoah," draws inspiration from the green tones of three trees found in the Shenandoah National Park. Each book features a two tone, custom-made duplex cover with a beefier feel in hand. Inside, you’ll find premium 60#T graph paper that suits a variety of writing instruments. A corresponding leaf graces the back cover of its respective book, alongside some interesting facts about each species. Every 3-pack is held together by a belly band made of real birch veneer that beautifully compliments the green toned covers. Head over to Field Notes to snag a pack before they’re gone like the leaves off the trees.


MidamMercantile Leather Sportsman Journal

The increasingly popular Field Notes notebooks are becoming an EDC staple thanks to their variety of styles to fit every carry. However, their covers are prone to heavy wear and tear when carried around in a pocket. A leather journal cover not only gives them some much-needed protection, but also extends their utility by providing additional storage for essentials. The Leather Sportsman by MidamMercantile comes custom-made out of Hermann Oak leather in one of three colors. One side stores and protects an included Field Notes notebook, while the other adds a trio of pockets to hold your cards, notes, and other kit. At 4.125" x 6" while folded and waxed for protection against water and grime, the Sportsman is a great addition to your writing carry that adds little bulk but lots of life to your EDC. 


The Adventure Log Notebook

Word Notebooks have made documenting your life even easier with their line of Adventure Log notebooks. These handy books were designed so that you can easily write down and look back on all the exciting things that you've accomplished. What sets the Adventure Log apart from regular lined pocket notebooks is its unique page layout. Each page contains a box for the location, date, companions, and conditions of your adventure, along with several lines for extra notes. You don’t have to be a mountain climber or avid camper to make the most out of these small pocket-friendly books — the ruling is suited for micro journaling everyday life as well. Each pack includes three 3.5” x 5.5” books with heavy stock covers, available in stealthy black or high-vis yellow.


Field Notes Workshop Companion Edition

Every season, Field Notes releases a themed limited edition, usually including several unique details not seen in the regular pocket notebooks. Enter the Field Notes Workshop Companion set. This set of 6 books is packaged in a cardboard slip cover and they’re themed to help you get work done. Each book represents a different sect of DIY-handiwork, from electrical to plumbing. The covers are heavy 100 lb. stock that feels like it will stand up to being tossed in a toolbox or back pocket. The paper inside is heavier than normal, allowing you to write with markers, fountain pens, and rollerballs without messy bleed through to the back of the page. Head over to Field Notes and grab one before this limited edition is gone!


Public Supply Notebooks

These 5x8 notebooks from Public Supply are the sized just right for everyday use. They’re big enough to write down all of your thoughts, yet they’re compact enough to not crowd your EDC bag. The minimally decorated soft covers offer protection and some flexibility for easy carrying. 96 white pages inside are lined with a subtle dotted rule, keeping the focus on your words, not the ruling. These handy notebooks are made in the USA, ready to be filled up with whatever notes, sketches, or to-do lists you can throw at it.


VIDEO: Rite in the Rain Stapled Notebook Review


Rite in the Rain are not newcomers to the pen and paper market. Their namesake all-weather resistant notebooks have earned their spot in many EDCs for their durability and reliability. In this video, we give you a quick hands-on of their newest line of notebooks. It's a departure from their typical spiral-bound field journal, marking their entry into the popular stapled backpocket notebook category. Watch the video after the jump for a closer look at the notebooks inside and out, how they hold up to daily use, what pens write best with it, and how effective its water resistance can be.


Doane Paper Small Idea Journal

If a pocket notebook is too small for your writing needs, then consider something more substantial like the Doane Paper Small Idea Journal. The 5.25 x 6.875” size is compact enough to fit easily in your EDC bag, but roomy enough for all of your sketches, notes, thoughts, and more. The 100 sheets of bright white paper inside are ruled with Doane’s trademark grid+lines ruling and perform well with a variety of writing instruments. Taking notes in the field is a breeze thanks to the rigidity of the heavy chipboard covers. Folded over, they provide support when there isn’t a flat surface around. Heavy-duty twin ring Wire-O binding allows the Idea Journal to lay perfectly flat and ensures that it will last a long time. Pair it with your favorite pen and get writing!