Wallets keep our cards, IDs, cash, and other paper documents organized and nearby. The wallet itself might not be as important as what’s inside it, but it serves a critical purpose to protect these essential assets from damage and loss.

Right off the bat, there's a number of problems with carrying a big, traditional wallet. Because they're so big, you're probably keeping it in your rear pocket, where it's more likely to fall out. Even if you're lucky enough to avoid that nightmare, by sitting on your wallet, you're risking a needless potential spine injury. It's best to carry your wallet in your front pocket if you can, for your spine and security's sake.

I know some of you just hate the feeling of too much stuff in your pockets (although if you're on this site, maybe your definition of too much stuff is different than others). This is where minimalist wallets come in. By design, they fit better in your pocket and can even be a little restrictive at times, encouraging you to be more considered in what you actually keep in them. Traditional wallets with a ton of card slots make it so easy to overstuff them with cards you'll probably never use while you're out.

Wallets made from leather tend to be thicker, especially if they layer pieces of leather to create individual card slots, as all that material adds up. Leather does stretch a tiny bit, but not much. As a result, your wallet takes up a fixed amount of space in your pocket. If you carry only a few cards, you might end up with “wasted” or unused space in your wallet. If you carry lots, you might (irreversibly) stretch your wallet out or find storing and retrieving tight-fitting cards to be a hassle.

If your top priority is having the slimmest, most compact wallet possible, look into elastic wallets.

Fire Gear Wallet

"Firefighter James Love’s Black Helmet makes wallets from decommissioned protective bunker gear. Each one is handmade, and offers three card and cash slots, as well as..." (via TheAwesomer)

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5 Slim Wallets for Every Style of EDC

Few things in your EDC are as personal as your wallet, making them the perfect way to set the tone of rest of your gear's style. Our friends at Huckberry have an eye for that kinda thing — just take a look the goods they carry. We've curated five of their most popular wallets that'll take your EDC to the next level both in performance and in style, no matter what yours might be.

Wingback Cash Wallet

Carrying too much cash on you? Now that's a good problem to have. Still, finding a convenient way to store all the change you get back isn't so easy, especially if you're using an ultra slim wallet. That's why the small design studio Wingback took their successful EDC wallet back to the drawing board to develop the Wingback Cash Wallet. It's a minimalist take on a high-capacity trifold design, tailored specifically to your loose bills and cards without the bulk.

Through careful patterning and the right hardware, Wingback trimmed away the bulk that multiplies with every fold of a trifold wallet. Instead, bills wrap around the wallet itself on the inside for a lower profile. A CNC machined brass or stainless steel button fastener keeps it all secure (up to 20 bills, in different currencies too) while adding subtle contrast to an otherwise understated design. Opening just the outer fold lets you pull out one bill at a time too, for a painless way to get your cash.

Despite its name, the Cash Wallet handles cards just as well. You can store up to five of them in the dedicated card pocket, then access them from the top. For easier at-a-glance retrieval, you can fan the cards out in a cascading fashion.

Like previous Wingback Wallets, the Cash Wallet is crafted from the same thick, full-grain Italian veg tan leather that only gets better with time. Finishing details like hand-stitching, beveled and burnished edges, and inscription and color options give the wallet a one-of-a-kind polish. You can pledge for the Cash Wallet at its fully funded Kickstarter below.

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Have You Carried the Saddleback Leather ID Wallet?

When shopping for EDC gear, it seems like you can't make two clicks without running into a minimalist wallet. They're everywhere these days, in every material and configuration and style, and color you can think of. But this wasn't always the case. Before the age of metal plates and elastic bands, there were few options for trimming down your back pocket brick of a wallet. And while slim wallets did exist, few got it as right as Saddleback's iconic ID Wallet.

Bellroy Designers Edition Wallets

"Bellroy’s wares are already a cut above most others’. And Bellroy Designers Edition Wallets are a further cut above those, altogether not unlike their XO Barneys NY collection of recent past. The collection revamps a part of Bellroy’s existing range, including the Note Sleeve and Travel Wallet, while adding new ones — like a minimal card holder and a zip wallet — to the mix. Each product couples rich European leather to refined techniques that minimize stitchwork and smooth corners and edges for a luxurious yet minimal look. Shown in the first image is the Travel wallet in black, which has room for a passport, a myriad of cards, cash, and..." (via GearHungry)

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Edwin Plus Wallet

More often than not, simpler is better. And a minimalist wallet is a great way to slim down and simplify your carry (let’s be honest, you’re going to use that extra pocket space for more gear). The Edwin Plus Wallet is a hybrid money clip / one piece multitool, named after the inventor of the classic black binder clip. It clips onto your cards with the simplicity and ease of use of a binder clip, cutting bulk to a minimum. But that's not all — carefully placed cutouts in its frame add  useful tools to your wallet situation.

Packed into its all-steel body, you’ll find a bottle opener, flat and phillips head drivers, and several hex wrenches to make quick fixes on the go. The design allows you to easily access both cards and cash, with a quick-access slot on the back of the wallet for your most used card. The Edwin’s silhouette is no larger than a standard credit card, so you’ll barely notice it’s there.

The Edwin wallet is available in several colors, from low key black, grey and khaki to bright turquoise and white. You can pick one up for yourself via the link below.

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The 10 Best EDC Wallets in 2017

Phone, keys, and last but not least, wallet. Okay, you're good to go. 

Your wallet's one of those things you pat down your pockets for in the morning because you simply do not want to leave it behind. 

You can already imagine the headache that would ensue without it: no way to buy a snack to thwart midday hangriness, not being able to get on the train as part of your morning commute (which is stressful enough as it is), and so on.

Given how essential your money, IDs, and other cards are to just getting through the day, it really pays to have the best wallet you can get to carry them all.

A good everyday carry wallet has uniquely functional features, reliable materials, and—above all else—a slim profile. In this guide, we're highlighting 10 of the best EDC wallets that fit the bill.

Fantom Quick Access Wallet

"It’s not the first ultra-slim wallet to expose the cards within, but the Fantom Quick Access Wallet does do so in a novel way. Pull its lever with your thumb and all contained cards fan out, so you can quickly grab the right one or scan your RFID entry card or transit pass without removing it from your wallet. Fantom comes in three sizes — 7, 10 and 13 — each which hold up to their namesake number of cards and..." (via GearHungry)

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Ekster 2.0 Slim Trackable Wallet

"Many sleek wallets leave you shuffling through a stack of disordered cards, trying to find the right one; their lack of individual pockets (and thus organization) is what makes them slim. The Ekster 2.0 has a better solution: a pinky-activated switch that quickly flicks up all six contained cards in an accessible stepped fashion to get you the right one, stat. Both the Parliament and Senate Ekster feature this mechanism plus a cash strap and..." (via GearHungry)

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Dango Dapper Wallet

With the number of minimalist wallets on the market, it's the details that make one stand out for everyday carry. A little sleeker, a better use of materials, a bit more rugged but still lightweight. With Dango's Dapper wallet, it's all of these things and more.

Let's get it out of the way: the Dapper looks a lot like its minimalist peers. But where it's similar in appearance, it's unique in its execution. The Dapper uses a single piece of 6061 anodized aluminum for its main compartment, bolstered with an aluminum backplate. CNC machining lets Dango take off as much material as needed to keep the weight down, and lets them add in details like a lanyard hole and much smoother edges. Genuine leather makes up the main compartment, and holds up to 12 cards with a combination of a durable silicone band and mil-spec hex screws.

This combination of smooth metal and top grain leather gives the Dapper strength while remaining a pleasure to touch, which matters a lot for an EDC item you take out and use dozens of times a day. And with its choice of materials and construction you won't have to worry about leather warping out of place or nylon bands losing their grip. Ease of carry every day is a given, too, with the Dapper weighing a little over 2 ounces and maintaining a low profile just over 0.3” thick with 6 cards in tow.

With a fresh take on the usual aesthetic, the Dango Dapper wallet maximizes its traits in a sea of minimum innovation. Pick one up in two colors from Amazon at the link below.

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Hazard 4 Wafer Slim Tri-fold Security Wallet

It's hard to find a good EDC wallet for carrying both cash and coins. All too often, you'll have to sacrifice being able to carry money to get a slim, pocket-friendly wallet. But not always—take the Hazard 4 Wafer wallet, for example. It's a slim, uncompromising tri-fold design with dedicated space for carrying cards, cash, and coins.

Bills slot into the main compartment, and you can stash coins in the zippered internal mesh area. It also has room for three to four cards, and it has an external ID slot as well. This handy feature lets you flash your credentials without having to open your wallet.

The wallet's unique inclusion of a carabiner attachment point lets you attach your wallet to a belt loop or webbing so that you don't lose it. For even more security, you can clip it onto any straps or webbing your bag might have, then stash the wallet inside.

Made out of 1000D ballistic nylon, the Wafer is a wallet you can take anywhere. Its security features help keep it with you always. This is the perfect wallet for those of us who carry cash, coins, and cards every day. Pick one up for yourself and give it a go. The Hazard 4 Wafer is available in coyote and black at the Amazon link below.

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Walter Wallet

In a crowded market of minimalist wallets, too many designs try to stand out with gimmicks, bells, and whistles. But most of the time, all you really want is a wallet that's simple and efficient. If you take one look at the Walter Wallet, it may not look the flashiest. That's because all its functionality—from quick card retrieval to cascading organization—hides discreetly in its sleek, minimalist design.

Its patented “stack and slide” system is what lets the Walter Wallet get so slim without sacrificing functionality. Instead of using bulky extra material to make dedicated card slots and internal pockets, the wallet organizes up to 7 of your cards into a cascading stack for easy retrieval. You can fan out your cards this way either by pushing the entire deck of cards with your thumb through the bottom thumb slot, or give the wallet a quick flick of the wrist, and let gravity do the rest. No levers, magnets, or ribbon tabs here. And by keeping your most frequently used card at the top of the deck, you can also use the thumb slot to slide out that single card for quick access. On the back side of the wallet, you'll find another slot for stashing twice folded bills.

This updated Walter Wallet also comes with customer feedback-driven improvements, like increased durability thanks to its slightly thicker build and screwed back construction. It's still made with fully recyclable plastic in 6 colors, making it a worthwhile non-leather wallet option. The Walter Wallet also comes in a raw aluminum version for even more lightweight durability and added RFID protection as well.

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Pelican Sport Wallet

Let's face it: even if your wallet's made from the hide of the finest cattle or from the rarest exotic metal on the planet, it doesn't mean a thing if your cards and cash aren't protected. Rain, dust, dropping your wallet into a puddle of mud—the horrible possibilities are endless. If you often find yourself in situations where your essentials could take a beating, then what you need is a wallet that can beat right back, like Pelican's incredibly rugged Sport Wallet.

Yes, Pelican—the same brand that makes the indestructible padded cases and flashlights you're familiar with. The Sport Wallet is designed to be rigid, crushproof, and at just 0.85” thin, EDC-friendly. That's good news for your currency and smaller essentials that need the extra protection like a first aid kit or extra SD cards. You can organize it all using the wallet's pair of mesh pockets, securing your belongings while still making them easy to retrieve.

Like most Pelican cases, the Sport Wallet latches shut and secures with an IP 54 rating, meaning its contents are safe from sweat or spray. No need to move all your stuff to a dry bag or leave anything at home when you're out and about. And while the Sport Wallet can slip into your pockets, an included lanyard gives you additional options for everyday carry.

Don't wait for close encounters of the damaging kind when it comes to your wallet and its contents. Pick up Pelican's Sport Wallet from the Amazon link below.

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Crabby Wallet V2

We've seen a lot of crowdfunded minimalist wallets come and go. If they're funded, they usually enjoy one production run and then they're gone. Not so with the Crabby Wallet. It's been in such high demand that production is still going strong. That's because it's also useful for carrying your other main essentials (like your phone and keys), making it an ultra-versatile and convenient minimalist wallet.

Made entirely out of elastic cloth, the Crabby Wallet is simple, secure, and light. In its main storage area you can carry up to ten cards as well as some folded cash. The elastic band that holds everything together also allows you to expand the wallet to include your phone. You can also carry your keys with it if you opt to attach the removable lobster claw keychain.

Pick out the accent color you like for the elastic band to add your own flair to your wallet carry. It's available for sale at the link below.

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8 EDC Wallets Made from Unique Materials

Move over, leather. While it's the classic material of choice for an everyday carry wallet, that doesn't always mean it's the best. And because a wallet can be so simple just by its design, what it's made of plays a huge role in how effective it is for EDC. In this guide, we're highlighting 8 minimalist wallets cut from a different cloth. They're made using the go-to materials in other demanding applications—from firefighting to military body armor—so you know they're up to the task of carrying your cards and cash.

Slim Wallets Cut from a Different Cloth

Bellroy Notebook Cover

Ever find that your pocket notebook gets torn to shreds before you can even fill it up? It happens more than it should, but the solution is pretty simple. Consider slipping your notebook into a leather cover, like this one from Bellroy. In addition to protecting a passport or pocket notebook, the cover also features card slots to replace your wallet for an even slimmer pocket carry.

The Notebook Cover is as slim as they come, yet full of thoughtful storage slots. In addition to your preferred 3.5” x 5.5” notebook, the Bellroy Notebook Cover has room for your daily essentials. Two card slots can hold 4-6 of your most-used cards or some folded up cash, allowing you to leave your wallet at home. There's even a place for a pocket pen to clip into the spine where the cover naturally folds. It's actually really easy to open and close, thanks to hidden magnets that snap the cover in place. The magnetic closure system won't wear out over time either, unlike snaps and elastic bands you'd find on other covers.

Instead of a standalone notebook cover, consider this all-in-one replacement from Bellroy. Your pockets will thank you. Grab one on Amazon at the link below, or check it out in five color options of top-grain leather at Bellroy's site.

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