The Best EDC Key Organizers in 2020

The Best EDC Key Organizers in 2020

For the modern, urban-dwelling EDCer, there are a few essentials that are, at minimum, always present in one's pockets: a phone, a wallet, and keys. But until you can unlock your front door, open your mailbox, start your car, or secure a safe with your phone or cards, those keys are always going to be an unfortunate part of your EDC. You could toss 'em in your pocket, but the resulting jumble of metal just isn't comfortable. And dangling them from your belt loop works, but it's not the most secure nor quiet way to go about it. So, what's the best way to carry your keys?

Thankfully, that's a question many brands have been working hard to answer, leaving us with plenty of great solutions for key organization. With a solid key organizer, you can turn your messy, jangly keychain into something you can be proud of—just like the rest of your gear. Below are our picks for the latest and greatest ways to keep your keys in check this year, so it's easier than ever to step up your organization game while also matching it perfectly with the rest of your EDC.

Orbitkey x Nylon Key Organizer

Earlier this year we were ecstatic to announce our take on the Orbitkey Key Organizer with a limited edition collaboration, designed with all of you EDCers in mind. Fitted with a mix of 1050D Ballistic and 500D Cordura nylon in a one-of-a-kind, monochrome digital camouflage print, it's dialed with the right materials, look, and feel to be a worthy addition to your everyday carry. The Orbitkey uses a compact single-post design, with its nylon loop folded over and joined at a large screw pivot to both contain and silence its contents. In addition to offering the excellent material properties of Ballistic and Cordura nylon, we designed this Orbitkey to match the urban EDC aesthetic, cooking up a digital camouflage print that's unique to each unit. It's our way of giving a nod to the influence of tactical gear in the EDC community while styling it for a modern, urban lifestyle.

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KeySmart Pro Mossy Oak

Worry no more about losing your keys. KeySmart levels up their original classic key organizer better by teaming up with the makers of the popular tracker Tile. New to this model is its use of Mossy Oak brand design, but you still get everything that makes the KeySmart Pro great including a slim design, the ability to carry up to 10 keys, and quick access to those keys by simply swinging them out from its body. You also get a bit of smarts thrown in thanks to Tile, which lets you locate exactly where your keys are thanks to the smartphone app. It also works in reverse, so if you can’t find your phone just press the button on your KeySmart Pro to make your phone ring even if it’s on silent. Completing the package is a built-in LED flashlight and included bottle opener, adding even more value to your keychain.

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Keybar Carbon Fiber/Titanium

The US-made KeyBar was one of the earliest EDC products on the market to use the two-post, swing-out design, and they definitely got it right the first time. With a simple and efficient design of two slabs of material, two screw-down posts to hold up to 12 keys (expandable to 28), and a simple keychain loop, KeyBar have retained the core design for years while riffing on materials, colorways, and clips to match a variety of aesthetics. One of their latest makes use of the exceptionally light and strong carbon fiber for the KeyBar's front plate, with a rear titanium panel featuring a custom milled clip in 3 styles. These subtle upgrades stay true to the original design while giving the KeyBar a substantial boost in toughness and collectibility.

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Screwpop Tether

When it comes to inexpensive yet effective keychain solutions for EDC, few do it better than Screwpop. From compact carriers to tiny tools, their products solve problems you didn't even know you had. Their latest release, the Tether, takes on the task of managing a common EDC issue—your keys. The Tether's system is simple: two 6061-T6 anodized aluminum plates are held together by up to 4 sizes of O-rings, anchored to nubs riveted onto each plate. This allows you to carry as many as 24 keys in a stack, folding out Swiss Army Knife-style similar to other key organizers. The Tether also comes with a compact stainless steel bottle opener, sized to sit alongside your keys, ready to pop a cold one at a moment's notice.

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QuietCarry Shorty

As their name suggests, Quiet Carry specialize in products that take the jingle out of your step. Last year we featured the Q2, an all-in-one keychain solution for both your keys and EDC essentials. This year, Quiet Carry are taking things even smaller with their upcoming Shorty. Designed to be their ultimate ultra-minimalist keychain tool, it ideally holds 3 keys (up to 5 with expansion) and a 1.7” AUS8 blade in three styles. Both keys and blade fold in to the Shorty's titanium handles (also in 3 finishes), with a liner lock securing the blade when in use. It's one of the smallest, most robust ways to make the most of your keychain, all while keeping it as quiet as possible.

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How are you organizing your keys this year? Sound off with your key organization tips and tools in the comments below!

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Not sure I want my keys to be camouflaged ...
Keyport is my choice, they are a great alternative that packs a punch. It’s a bit more expensive than some other choices but the customizable factor and great customer service makes it so worth.
Highly recommend the QuietCarry Shorty as a key organizer. Very portable that can easily hold four keys and a knife. It’s a great way to carry a pocket knife without drawing attention to yourself. This type of knife works well if your workplace has any type of restrictions on the size of knives you can carry.

My shorty is stored in a small pouch on my belt to make room for storage in my front pockets.
love my old keysmart extended version, have a couple of keys for work that are longer than standard ones. unfortunately the new key smarts don't look as long.....
I just got myself an Orbitkey, it's pretty good with the one little exception of it pulling my pocket inside out as I pull it out (the Nylon grips the inside of my pocket). This'd be different with the leather one, or with different material in my pants... It's so close to perfect though!
I love my Keybar. It's been rock solid. I want another one, not because there's anything wrong with the one that I've been using for the past six years, but because I want another color. They're awesome.
As John Nemo wrote, my choice is Keyport, their outstanding customer service is great and the key organizers are the best. I was a collector of keyrings and key fobs since I was a child, but I never used them, just the typical wallet chain with key hook and a Victorinox one but never so compact silent and solid, plus some tools as Keyport Slide 3.0.
The problem with all of these is they can't hold car keys. I really want to slim down my keys but if i have to clip my car keys onto my key organiser it almost defeats the purpose for me. Anyone got any suggestions of a key organiser capable of holding car keys?