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The 10 Best Pry Tools in 2020

Jonathan Tayag
The 10 Best Pry Tools in 2020

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When you need to pry things apart or gain access to closed spaces, there's really only one tool for the job: a pry bar. But traditional pry bars are usually too big to carry every day, and even if you could tolerate the weight, lugging one around could give people the wrong impression about your intentions. In the absence of a pry bar, a lot of people resort to using their EDC knives to wedge things open in a pinch. Not only can that ruin your knife, it could also get you injured in the process. Thankfully there's more than a few compact, dedicated pry tools available for your everyday carry. In this guide, we'll highlight some of our favorite EDC pry bars that you can pick up today.

Gerber Shard

The Gerber Shard is one of the most ubiquitous pry tools carried by the community today. It's incredibly simple in design, and compact enough to fit easily on your keys via the lanyard hole at the rear of the tool. The tiny pry bar section works well for light wedging, and for use as a light package opener, and the tool itself also includes a bottle opener, wire stripper, and a flathead screwdriver for your convenience.

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Gerber Mullet

If you're a fan of the Shard, but you want more versatility with what you can do with the tool and how you can carry it, the new Gerber Mullet is made just for you. At 3” long, it has slightly more length than the Shard, giving you a bit more material to leverage when you use the primary pry tool. The increased length also gives more space for the various drivers and openers included in the tool. The large hole at the center allows for lanyard or keychain carry, but the integral hook on the Mullet lets you hang the tool on a belt loop (with your keys along with it).

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Titaner Multitool Pry Bar

The Titaner is precision-machined out of grade 5 titanium, and aside from the combination pry bar and flathead driver at the front, it stands out from most tools in this list by including an assortment of metric hex wrenches. There's also space included for a standard hex bit as well, secured by rubber bands, letting you further extend the tool. Plus, it has an attractive stonewashed look that's great when carried in hand, as well as on your keys or around your neck via the integral lanyard hole.

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MecArmy EH3

At first glance, the MecArmy EH3 looks like a carabiner, but it also functions as a pry bar wedge tool. While it isn't rated to bear the load of your bodyweight, you can use the swing-gated carabiner function to organize your keys or attach the tool to the rest of your gear as well. It's available in both titanium and copper metal, to fit both your needs and your style.

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Keyport MOCA

By itself, the Keyport MOCA is a sleek minimalist multitool that integrates a pry bar with hex wrenches, a ruler, and a cord cutter while maintaining a TSA-friendly design that you should be able to fly with anywhere. But when integrated into Keyport's Pivot key organizer, you can further streamline your pocket EDC for maximum convenience. You can also opt to carry it on your own standard keychain as well, if you choose.

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Kershaw PT-2

The Kershaw PT-2 is a compact, 3.25” two-sided multitool featuring a widgy pry bar and bottle opener one one end, and a flathead driver, wire scraper, and cap lifer on the other. At the center, there's a glass-filled nylon handle for added grip, and three hex wrenches that also help to keep the overall tool featherweight at just 0.8 ounces in total.

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GearInfusion EverRatchet

You might know the EverRatchet more for the namesake feature of the tool: the ratcheting wrench at the center of the tool. And that unique functionality makes this a compelling pick if you're also looking for a pocketable keychain pry tool, as it includes one as well. It's available in your choice of stainless steel or premium precision-machined titanium, which has a durability that'll let you carry the EverRatchet far into the future.

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Griffin Pocket Tool XL

The Griffin Pocket Tool's inherently simple and minimalist design belies its versatility, as it packs 11 different multi-tool essentials, including a bottle opener, assorted wrenches, and the ever-handy pry tool at the end of its design. The nature of its clip also lets you attach it to your belt loop or to other gear, and you can attach it to your keys as well via the hole at the top of tool. It's available in three different materials: brass, titanium, and stainless steel, so you can choose the one that most fits your aesthetic.

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CRKT Pryma

The CRKT Pryma might look a bit complicated, but its design is made to help you leverage it as a pry tool to the best of your ability while still being pocketable. The wings near the carabiner section let you get a full grip on the tool with your hands, and the angled tip of the tool lets you get it into smaller places to start wedging things apart. And the pointed tip, while not sharp, helps you pierce through thin objects or cut through light packaging in a cinch. And as an added benefit, it's designed to help you punch through glass in an emergency situation.

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CountyComm Titanium Widgy Pry Bars

If you want a simple, no-frills pry bar that does one job and does it well, consider the CountyComm Widgy Pry Bars. They are small, pocketable pry bars that do just that; purpose-made tools for getting your prying and wedging done without the bulk of a large industrial pry bar. They're easy to set and forget on any keychain setup as a handy backup to spare your knife blade.

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Do you carry a pry tool in your EDC? Let us know your favorite in the comments below!

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Goldthunder ·
Over priced staple pullers
33ww ·
Trendy, mostly over-priced doo-dads. Pulling nails? Not.
Joe Luckless ·
My thoughts exactly, my friend
Jeff ·
My only issue with the Shard is how well it lives up to its name. It's a sharpish pokey little bastard with ample willingness to jab your leg or hole your pocket, given half a chance. Carry it in some other fashion and it's Gerber quality and value all the way.
James R. ·
AGREED!!! I used to have one when I had a conventional keychain. That thing stabbed me so many times. Or, just getting out of my pocket would jab my fingers.
Paul Tobeck ·
Lil' Pokey is what I used to call the Shard. Wasn't bad with looser khakis, but in jeans pockets I'd get stabbed in the leg frequently. Have given away the two I had. The Mullet does look to a better design, but I'd have to see one in person as all those cut outs and curves makes me question it's sturdiness.
allemander ·
(Peter) Atwood Knife & Tool (Planet Pocket Tool)’s Prybaby P13 FTW. Never leave home without it. 👊🏼
mcdj ·
Yeah, no love for Atwood? Would these other tools even exist without him?
Edmundo ·
Hey, that TI Widgy is mine! Nice :D
Michael Brousseau ·
Nite Eyez DoohicKey is a nice little keychain tool. I also keep a Boker Plus Access pry bar in my backpack.
Frank LoCicero ·
Check out the Leatherman Piranha and the Piranha 2 The original was stainless steel, the #2 titanium. They still around but apparently not available from LM. No idea why Leatherman is no longer showing the Piranha for sale.
Roscoe ·
Pffft all rubbish compared to a Zach wood pry bar
Christoph ·
Not much leverage for nails, but more features more uses.. prying, scraping, impromptu box opener. Gut hooks, bit drivers, small wrenches or SD impact tool? Use these instead of abusing your knife. Brous BMT quick deploy clipped to keychain... Schrade SCTPT in pocket.
Gordon ·
Atwood Prybaby is #1.
Dirk Frentzel ·
The Pocketwrench 2 black in Chrome Vanadium is for me the best.
Billy ·
The Multigrip multitool hands down is up there with all of these and use it daily! Also better price than any of these listed.
Goldthunder ·
Carried the Gerber Shard on my keys for years. Cannot go wrong with it. Very durable and wait for it... inexpensive.
John Wallace ·
Where is the lynch northwest all access pass v1.2?

That is my #1 carry in every single rotation