8 Weatherproof Wallets for Everyday Carry

8 Weatherproof Wallets for Everyday Carry

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Water can be your best friend on a hot day. But it won't be so kind to your favorite EDC wallet, even if it's made with the best leather around. While build materials are important for any item in your EDC, you should also keep carry conditions in mind. For example, you don’t want your wallet bleeding dye into your pants or peeling apart after getting caught in a rainstorm. One way to make sure your cards and bills stay nice and dry is to pick up a quality weatherproof wallet.

In this guide we’ll go over a few options that won’t leave you peeling apart soggy bills.

What to Look For in a Weatherproof Wallet

  • Materials: When it comes to a good weatherproof wallet, you want to avoid materials like canvas or leather that soak up water and get damaged. Instead, look for technical synthetic fabrics and anti-corrosive metals to protect from moisture.

  • Protective design: EDC wallets usually prioritize easy access and slimness over everything. For a more weather resistant wallet, look for features like watertight zip closures, sealed seams, and clasps to keep water out.

  • Ease of use: At the end of the day, you want your essentials to be safe but also easily accessible. Make sure the wallet you pick can accommodate your wallet essentials and hits a balance of access and security you're comfortable with.

Sharkk RFID Protected Aluminum Wallet

For full protection on land and sea, the Sharkk RFID aluminum wallet is hard to beat. Its rugged plastic construction makes it durable enough for EDC while an aluminum coating provides RFID protection against thieves looking to steal your information. When you open it up, you’re greeted with accordion-style slots for your credit cards and IDs that close in a snap.

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SlimFold MICRO Soft Shell Wallet

Bi-folds are highly functional ways to carry cash and cards, but by using a different kind of material, the SlimFold MICRO is a new breed of wallet unlike the leather ones you might be used to. It’s made of a 0.5 mm thick synthetic tech fabric that’s stain, scratch, and water resistant. Inside is a cash pocket for carrying bills flat and four interior card sleeves that can comfortably hold up to 8 cards.

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Bellroy All Conditions Wallet

If you're looking for a high quality leather wallet that's also water-resistant, your options are pretty slim. Leave it to Bellroy to cook up just the specialized wallet for the task. The All Conditions wallet lives up to its name with a water-resistant leather exterior that will keep your cash and cards dry in unfavorable conditions. YKK Aquaguard zippers keep it sealed shut and two internal pockets let you carry 12 cards plus cash and coins in one of the company’s slimmer offerings.

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Recycled Firefighter “The Vinyl Rookie”

Firefighters handle tons of water in the most extreme scenarios with seriously sturdy firehoses. You'll find that same vinyl tarp their hoses are made with as the main material in the Vinyl Rookie wallet. Needless to say, that waterproof material can withstand a rainstorm and a few spills without any trouble. This slim bifold offers two leather slots for cards on the inside and an elastic strap for cash along the back. You might not be fighting fires, but at least you’ll be keeping your essentials safe from rain and spills.

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Pelican Micro Sport Wallet

Warm weather means trips to the beach, ocean, or even a water park or two. The Pelican Micro Sport Wallet was made with water activities in mind, featuring an IP54 rated seal to keep the internal compartment safe from liquids. Two mesh pockets hold your cards, cash, and keys in a casing that’s still only 12 mm thick.

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Magpul Daka Essential Wallet

If you prefer slimmer wallets, then the Magpul Daka should be on your shortlist. This cardholder is only 3 mm thick when empty. So it should maintain a slim profile even after you stash an emergency bill or two and up to 7 cards in it. It’s constructed with reinforced, welded seams from a water-resistant polymer fabric that will protect your cash from rain while keeping your pockets light.

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Flowfold Wallets

If you think of all the materials you can make a wallet out of, sailcloth probably doesn’t come to mind. The Flowfold wallet uses repurposed carbon fiber racing sails to offer a unique way to carry your essentials. Inside you’ll get two credit card slots along with two ID windows and a cash pocket which should cover all your bases. This sleek bifold is so light that it floats on water, but is also stronger than steel thanks to its carbon fiber construction.

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Chums Surfshort Wallet

One wallet that checks all the boxes is the Chums Surfshort Wallet. Its rip-stop nylon construction means it’s both lightweight and durable enough to carry when you need to travel light. It has a keyring that you can tuck away when you don’t need it and two zippered compartments for securing cards, cash, or coins.

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Nice list. I would also recommend the Big Skinny line of wallets. They are ultra slim, made of a weather-resistant nylon material, and very durable. They retail for around $20-30 dollars. I have been using my Big Skinny Compact Sports Bi-fold every single day for almost 3 years without rip, tear, or defect.

Another weatherproof wallet I thought worth a mention is the Dynomighty-- another Tyvek wallet very much like the Slimfold
Wholeheartedly agree on the Big Skinny. Had that thing for years and still takes it like a champ.
I own the chums wallet and love it. Great lightweight minimalist wallet.
The Chums wallet has amazing storage capabilities and still stays smaller than you'd imagine. For about $10 why wouldn't you try it?
Man was this a nice article! I need a new edc type wallet and I would like something water resistant (proof) in nature or as a 2nd wallet for my trips to Cali. That chums wallet looks pretty sweet and I like Pelican gear too. Thanks!
Magpul slim wallet is amazing. Had it for the past few months and I love it. Totally disappears in your pocket. Only thing its lacking is its ability to store any cash. You gotta be a little creative if you keep any notes with you.
I've been carrying the Slimfold Micro for the last few months. Awesome wallet but without a zipper or even a closure I'm not sure that I would call it weatherproof. Granted the material that it's made out of is waterproof, but it's design is like a standard wallet.
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