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Nite Ize Runoff Waterproof Pocket

Bernard Capulong
Nite Ize Runoff Waterproof Pocket

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Whether you're traveling, exploring the great outdoors, or simply gearing up for another day in the office, organization is key. It's especially true if you rotate through different bags for each activity but your core essentials stay the same. A utility pouch is a simple and effective way of keeping your EDC in one place, and the new NiteIze Runoff Pocket does it even better thanks to a slew of innovative features. With its waterproof construction and materials, it's ready to protect your passport, phone, and other small essentials far off the beaten path.

It's easy to phone it in with something as seemingly simple as a zippered pouch, but NiteIze tends to cram tons of functionality into their gear. With the RunOff Pocket a few key features put an emphasis on durability, waterproofness, ease-of-carry and visibility. It starts with an exterior made from TPU (thermoplastic urethane) material, with seams welded through radio frequencies, also known as dielectric welding. This fuses the material together, giving it fully submersible and dustproof properties. Matching this high-tech construction is a special zipper developed by NiteIze called the TRU Zip, a waterproof zipper which maintains a seal rated to IP67 as a quick and convenient alternative to a roll-top closure. It glides smoothly, silently, and without snagging thanks to a unique toothless mechanism, giving you a familiar process without sacrificing protection.

At 5.2" x 6.5", the pocket is sized right for EDC, with enough space for your phone, wallet, keys, passport, or other essentials that need protecting during your excursion. Thanks to a windowed main/front compartment, you have full touchscreen access to your phone, letting you operate it without exposing it to the elements. On the reverse side, a pass through belt loop lets you wear the pouch on your belt or strapped to your bag for easy, secure access. Finally, rounding out the pouch's carry options are built-in attachment points on either side that make it easy to carry via a carabiner, lanyard, or shoulder strap.

Carry your essentials with confidence, no matter the element. Pick up the Nite Ize RunOff Pocket at the link below, and be sure to check out the rest of the RunOff line to cover your bases.

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This costs the same as a Lifeproof case. And the Lifeproof case doesn't make it look like you are using a phone taken from a police department's evidence locker.
jag-engr ·
Lifeproof cases make it sound like you’re in an evidence locker, though.
Been using a Lifeproof case for years and never had any issue with the quality of my voice on the other end.

But even just comparatively speaking-- Can you really argue that a high-end, custom-formed phone case is going to perform WORSE than zipping up your phone (and mic) in a thick waterproof bag?? I imagine you have to remove the phone from the waterproof bag to actually make a call on it, which of course means it isn't waterproof anymore at that point.
Goldthunder ·
Ideal for kayaking!
Montana Actual ·
My first thought, however, at $30, I think I'll stick with some plastic bags and a waterproof case.
Goldthunder ·
I just put my phone in my vest usually, and phone has waterproof case. And I agree, 30$ little pricey to essentially double protect
Interesting. Might be a step up from aLOKSAK drybags; might be a competitor to the forthcoming windowed DAKA bags from Magpul.