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With different key organizers available in the market, who would’ve thought that an old-fashioned carabiner also does an excellent job of carrying keys? Dango did. And their carabiner/shackle combo not only solves the problem of a noisy keyring, but it also serves as a holder for your wallet, knives, keys, flashlight, and other important everyday carry that needs to be within reach. If you’ve been looking to organize that mess on your keychain, Dango’s Carabiner XL and Shackle might be just what you need.

The large carabiner is built from 6061 aerospace aluminum, while the Shackle is tough stainless steel, but both pieces are CNC-machined to precision. The carabiner has dual chambers with two spring-gated clips that keep it attached to its anchor point and the keys in place on the carabiner. Removing keys is as simple as opening the gates one at a time and guiding the keys out. Requiring the gates to be open sequentially makes it impossible for keys to fall out accidentally.

The carabiner’s larger size also makes it usable as an anchor point on bag and belt straps, secured in place by routing them through both gated compartments. It also has other attachment points on its sides and corners that allow you to reposition the Shackle in a horizontal configuration, or for any keyring essentials you might want to carry around with you like that key fob that never seems to fit on anything.

The Shackle keeps up to eight keys organized in a simple bolt system, so you never have to break your fingernails prying open a cumbersome split ring or fumble trying to retrieve the right key for your door. A drilled hole at the end of the bolt gives space to an optional keyring as both a security mechanism and one last attachment point for the whole system.

More functional than a key organizer, the Dango Carabiner XL and Shackle offers the added flexibility and security you need when carrying your everyday carry essentials. Pick one up at the link below, and be sure to check out Dango’s huge early Black Friday sale with 25% off their entire store with code BFCM25 through November 28th.

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