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While many tactical or duty-oriented flashlights don’t come in sizes that comfortably fit in your pocket, there’s plenty of reasons why one is worth a spot in your EDC. A larger profile often comes with a bigger reflector (for more throw), or a larger battery that gives exponentially longer runtimes. And since they’re built for duty or other life-threatening scenarios, reliability is a priority when it comes to build quality, meaning you have a light you can rely on especially during emergencies. With a tactical focus in mind while also taking the best features of their everyday lights, Olight gives their Warrior X the Pro upgrade, adding more output, runtime, and even better usability as an everyday light.

The Warrior X Pro runs on a new and propriety power source, a customized 21700 battery with a 5000mAh capacity. This allows the light to achieve a maximum of 2,250 lumens and 600-meter beam distance from its neutral white Cree XHP35 HI LED, while having a slightly bigger profile than a large permanent marker. The battery charges inside the light through the use of Olight’s new MCC3 magnetic USB charging cable, which provides faster charging than previous generations at a 2A charge rate, and is backward compatible with older Olight models.

The Pro retains the original Warrior X’s dual-output interface, and on a full charge, gives  a runtime of up to 8 hours on its 300-lumen Low mode. On High, it can hold 2,250 lumens for two minutes, after which the light’s temperature and battery-based stepdown dials it down to 1,000 lumens for 1 hour and 40 minutes, then drops to Low for a final 23 minutes of runtime before complete battery depletion. An innovative feature of the Warrior X line is the vibration function that acts as a power indicator: the light vibrates every 5 minutes when the battery is under 30% capacity, every minute when below 10%, and every 10 seconds when under 5%. This provides a discreet and tactile reminder to charge the light during heavy use.

The raised electronic tail switch is more glove-friendly and comfortable to use than previous designs, and actuates with a firm press, helping to prevent any accidental activation of the light. This conserves battery and prevents it from burning a hole in your pack or pocket. Like the vibration function, it keeps the Warrior X Pro’s operation discreet with near-silent actuation. The switch gives you easy access to the two output levels, as well as momentary activation with a half-press. Olight also keeps the Warrior X Pro’s interface simple and efficient for its intended purpose by not adding unnecessary modes like Strobe or SOS.

In hand, the 5.87″ long IPX-8 waterproof aluminum body design offers a firm grip with or without gloves. The large 1.54″ head diameter slims down to 1.03″ for the body, which, combined with the grooves designed into the shaft and the cooling fins on the light’s business end, provides a solid grip even in wet conditions.

Adapting to both EDC and tactical use, the Warrior X Pro comes with different accessories to customize your grip and carry.  You can use it with a conventional aluminum tactical ring paired with the sturdy, non-reversible clip, or you can opt for the included silicon rubber TGR (Tactical Grip Ring) as a grippier option. Olight also includes a nylon hardshell holster with magnetic closure for on-the-belt carry or attaching to MOLLE-compatible straps. Last but not least, a magnetic tailcap also allows you to hang the light vertically from any metallic surface.

With improvements in power and charging and refinements in ergonomics and design, the Olight Warrior X Pro deserves some heavy consideration as your next flashlight, whether for tactical use or as a solid everyday performer. Check it out at the link below.

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