The Force Is Strong with These 6 EDCs

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Every year on May the 4th, the Star Wars community shows their love for the franchise with events, commemorations, and most importantly, merchandise. This pun on the series catchphrase “May the Force be with you” gives fans a chance to celebrate and geek out about their favorite movies, and for EDCers, that means showing off their favorite pieces of (mostly) practical Star Wars gear. Whether it’s as simple as a toy or a keychain to add a small bit of flair or a design integral to the entire loadout’s aesthetic, the Force is strong with these EDCs from our community. May the 4th be with you.

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This colorful carry covers bases with a few key pieces featuring everyone’s favorite bounty hunter. This is the way .

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A Tie fighter blueprint hank sets the theme of this EDC, with black, silver, and white selections of essentials. Between a Swiss Army Knife, writing gear, a lighter, robust wallet, and even throat care, this carry is set to cover this Empire pilot’s bases.

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The Empire would be proud of this sleek silver setup with a powerful weapon to banish the dark (as well as any Rebel sympathizers) at its core. Even Lord Vader himself makes an appearance!

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Who needs a knife when you have one of the most badass weapons in the galaxy? But when a crossguard lightsaber just isn’t enough for life as a student, a selection of pens, a handy light, and day-to-day essentials like sunglasses and tech help with the load.

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The Mythosaur sigil is key to this child of Mandalore’s comprehensive everyday carry, with well-worn tools and backups to prepare for any problematic bounties–or wayward alien children.

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Unlike the Stormtroopers it’s based on, this EDC doesn’t miss with its on-point curation of gear. From the sleek Polispectral Victorinox Spartan to a frosty white G-shock, to design callbacks with the pen and Lego minifig, this carry has both the look and practicality down pat.

Do you have a favorite piece of Star Wars gear? Sound off in the comments!

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