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If you’re not using your keychain to carry smaller gear, chances are your EDC isn’t reaching its full potential. The reasons for opting out of keychain-based carry are understandable though, and they usually point back to the weakest link: the split ring. Traditional steel split key rings are so inconvenient they may as well be a single-use item: pry them open (and potentially break a fingernail in the process), slide your keys on through, start twisting, then hope you never have to swap out keys again. Handgrey have dedicated years tackling this design problem of how to make the key ring easier to use, and have thrown their hat in the ring back in 2018 with their innovative, lateral-splitting KNOX titanium key ring. Their latest project, the Handgrey Easi, debuts after three years of development as an evolution of that design to make frustrating key rings a thing of the past. The Easi key ring leverages the unique material properties of titanium in combination with an elegant clasp design, resulting in a new way to carry keys that’s easier than ever to use.

There are two key factors that make the Easi key ring live up to its name compared to traditional steel split rings: the materials used and a unique hook and clasp design for the ring’s opening. Because titanium alloy is naturally springy, it can return to its original state after stress or tension is applied. And unlike a traditional split ring, where the ring is halved along the entire circumference of the ring, the Easi is split on a perpendicular plane to create a small gap between the ends of the ring. One end has a hook, while the other end has a hole to clasp through, thus closing the ring. When the ends of the ring are not clasped together, the ring’s shape is naturally “open.” When you press the two ends of the ring together and hook them, the ring closes, and titanium’s natural springiness to return to an open state creates tension between the two clasped ends, further strengthening the closure as they try to pull apart.

This action is not only intuitive and quick to perform, but it also affords other benefits over the traditional method of prying, sliding, and rotating gear onto a split ring. Opening the ring is also a deliberate enough action that it’s unlikely to come undone by accident when you’re out and about, so you’re at less risk of losing your keys without the bulk and complexity of a locking mechanism. You don’t need to pry the ring open, which can save you some time and strain on your fingernails. And by not needing to twist your keys or gear along the entire circumference of the ring, you avoid scratching the surface of your gear or encountering any fitment issues. The Easi’s clasp mechanism is especially useful for thicker EDC items (for example, the tail end of a keychain flashlight) that can’t otherwise clear the gap of a traditional split ring. And because titanium is springy and can retain its shape better than steel, you can occasionally open the Easi to create a larger clearance for bigger EDC items or multiple keys at one time without risking “overprying” the ring open so much it can’t close again.

Handgrey offers the Easi key ring in two different shapes—circular or a rounded square “Omega”—in just one 28mm size for the initial Kickstarter run. While this shape and size should accommodate most people’s EDC needs, Handgrey has their sights set on offering multiple sizes of the Easi as stretch goals. If you’re looking for any and all opportunities to min/max the functionality of your EDC, the Handgrey Easi might help your keychain reach its fullest potential. By making the humble key ring easier to use and more functional, you can carry more gear, streamline your setup, or attach gear to different places in your setup to suit your needs.

As an added bonus, Handgrey’s previous carabiners and accessories are available as addons at a special steep discounted rate. Be sure to check out the Handgrey Easi and learn more about it at the Kickstarter page linked below before the campaign ends on November 5th, 2021.

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