The Drop: Mankerlight MC13 II Pocket Thrower Flashlight

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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

We’re big fans of Manker’s compact thrower, the Mankerlight MC13, as its long 700-meter throw capability and palm-sized pocketability helped pave the way for today’s latest-generation TIR (Total Internal Reflection) lensed pocket lights. Its successor, the Mankerlight MC13 II, ups the ante with a significant spec bump and some cool new features.

The MC13 II increases the output of its predecessor’s 900 lumens to a max output of 2,000 lumens from its Luminus SFT40 LED and TIR lens. It has a max peak beam intensity of 90,000 candela and throws its beam at a max distance of 600 meters. While its max throw distance has been slightly reduced compared to the first-generation MC13, its increased lumen output means a brighter beam profile overall. With a head diameter of 1.59” and a length of 3.59” in its default configuration, the MC13 II remains highly compact and portable.

But one of its best new features is the ability to swap out its default 18350 li-ion battery to a larger 18650 without having to swap tubes like its predecessor, thanks to a new telescoping battery tube. Extending the body by twisting out its inner tube compartment lengthens it to 4.65”, which is still a highly manageable size that easily fits the palm of your hand, especially considering the much longer runtime you’ll get from the larger battery. Mankerlight did well by adding an integrated USB-C charging port with a silicone rubber cover on the head that supports max 5V / 2A charging, saving you the added step of removing the battery to charge it. Convenient o-rings seal every major ingress point, including the lens, which earns the MC13 II an IP67 waterproof rating.

The MC13 II still has the same sturdy build constructed entirely of type III hard-anodized aluminum alloy. The interface is controlled by a stainless steel side button, giving you access to 7 modes, including a 0.1-2lm Moonlight all the way to a rated 2,000 lumens on Turbo when using an 18650 battery. A colored LED indicator on the switch indicates the battery’s remaining capacity, and moving the button from the tail of the previous version to the side allows the tailcap to house a strong magnet, enabling it to cling to metallic surfaces if you ever need to go hands-free.

What we like: Mankerlight has taken everything great about the original MC13 and improved it in every way.

What to watch out for: We wish it came with a pocket clip for more carrying options.

Final verdict: Seamless 18350/18650 battery compatibility, a powerful lens, and solid build quality make it one of the best throwers for its size.

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