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K Spike Keychain Tool

K Spike Keychain Tool

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A spike in your pocket isn't your typical EDC. But when you think about its many applications, it actually makes sense as a useful tool. You can use a spike to open boxes and to punch holes into materials. You can break hard ground and ice while on a camping trip, or make make markings on metal and wood for construction projects. For the commuters, you can use it to check for tire pressure or break through a window in an emergency.

The K Spike from Bobby Davis is his latest Kickstarter project, able to do all these tasks and more. It's designed to be carried on a keychain with its split ring tail attachment, and the body itself acts as  screw-in storage for the spike (its opposite tail end is a safe, smooth nub). The body's diameter of 0.63” is akin to a pen for comfortable grip, with deep knurling for even better purchase when in its 3.25” spike configuration. The K Spike also gives collectors something else to look forward to: the option to mix and match materials like Tellurium copper, aluminum, and stainless steel for their spike and case duo. If you get the point and want to add the K Spike to your carry, check out the Kickstarter campaign at the link below.

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How do you "check for tire pressure" with this spike thing?
It doesn't "check" the tire pressure, it's just lets air out via the valve stem, easily.
Nice little spikes. They're actually bigger than I expected initially, when seeing the 'real life context' pictures.... Not sure I want something that big on my keychain.... But still, nice product, we'll executed...
It's actually only 2.7" long when in the keychain carry configuration.
That's quite bigger than the 1.5" I was imagining...