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Naval Officer (age 24)
Tokyo, Japan
At work and on the weekends, I care these in my pockets everyday. I've tried carrying my EDC on my keys and on my belt but I always ended up leaving something home because of bulk. The homemade elastic pocket organizer holds most everything I need daily and keeps it all flat in my pocket. I modified the Chums wallet by sewing a slot for a little pen and sewing the webbing down closer to the key-ring. I don't love the wallet, but like having my wallet attached to my keys so my ID is easy to access when I enter Base and this is the best I've found. The quick-release key-ring came on a can of SABRE pepper spray.

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Raghu Ram ·
excellent kit.
Leon ·
Great solution on the diy pocket organizer. Am actually looking for something similar. Anyone have any tips?
Max ·
It's a piece of cake. That's just one piece of elastic, folded over, and then sewn with black thread into four slots. You'll have to double back a few times to ensure it's strong enough.
Leon ·
Going to give it a shot. Actually also want my earbud in there so need to make it operable somehow to easily wrap around the cable.
Max ·
And by 'care' these in my pockets every day, I meant carry. Oops.