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10 Wood Handle EDC Knives

Jonathan Tayag
10 Wood Handle EDC Knives

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There's something special about the way a knife with a wood grain handle looks and feels when it's in your hand. It's a classy and timeless look you don't get with the trendy metal and polymer handles that you see on other knives. And unlike most knife handle materials, wood grain only gets better with age. Wooden handled knives like this can be more than just a tool in your EDC. You might even treasure one enough to pass down like an heirloom. In this guide, we've put together this list of our favorite knives with wooden handles, ranging from classic traditional knives to modern tools with an organic touch.

Opinel No. 8

While the Opinel may be simple, it's a great way to get an excellent wood grain knife in your hands. This sharp knife has a bubinga wood handle that's a step up from the standard handle. Bubinga is a pinkish-red hardwood from Central Africa that darkens with age.

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Victorinox Swiss Army EvoWood

Seeing a Swiss Army knife without its traditional red design can feel a bit strange, I'll admit. But the ergonomic walnut wood handle on the EvoWood does not look out of place at all. And with 19 different functions tucked into such a small package, you'll find a use for it wherever you go.

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Buck "The 55"

Buck's had a lot of experience making beautiful traditional wood grain knives. The 55 is a smaller, lighter, and slimmer take on the venerable 110 folding hunter knife. It has a solid lockback folding mechanism and a sharp 420HC clip point blade. Like its larger cousin, it also sports a gorgeous American walnut handle.

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LionSteel Opera

This knife is a marriage of design tenets of both the past and the present. The LionSteel Opera boasts a pretty olive wood handle, a classic gent's lockback design, and a modern D2 steel drop point blade. It's also available with a darker cocobolo wood handle, if you prefer that.

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The burled wood handles on the CRKT M4-02W give it a lively character that you don't find on most wood grain knives. It's a unique finish achieved from a tree that's undergone some stress during its life. And if you find yourself in a bit of stress in carrying this knife, its Outburst assisted opening will help you out.

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Fallkniven P3G

The Fallkniven P3G combines modern 3G powder steel with an attractive cocobolo paneled handle. It's a modern take on the traditional hunter's everyday carry knife. The wood handle also helps prevent extending the lock on the knife too far and bending it out of sorts.

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Benchmade North Fork

The stabilized wood on the North Fork's handle stands up to the elements better than regular wood. It retains the timeless and elegant looks, but with signature Benchmade design hallmarks. It sports a solid sub-3" S30V drop point blade that locks into place with an ambidextrous axis lock.

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Boker Plus Exskelibur II

The best way to pair the timeless class of a wood grain knife is to mate it with a stunning damascus steel blade. The Boker Plus Exskelibur II does just that. The 2.75" drop point blade is hollow ground and covered in the exquisite wave patterns of damascus steel. The ergonomic handle has dark cocobolo wood panels and comes with a titanium clip. This is more than an everyday carry knife; it's a thing of beauty.

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Deejo Naked 37G

As its name implies, this slim and elegant 420HC steel knife weighs only 37 grams. It does this with a weight-efficient, skeletonized frame handle. The top has an attractive juniper wood embellishment. The bottom of the frame locks the knife into place.

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SOG Twitch II Rosewood

The Twitch II has a lightning-fast assisted opening and a great 2.65” AUS-8 blade. Now with a rosewood handle it's got more of a classy gent's character. The wood also offers a little more grip in your hands compared to the regular Twitch's aluminum handle.

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What's your favorite woodgrain handle EDC knife? Is it a more traditional style, or a modern design? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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JD Deming ·
+1 for the CRKT. I've had a M4-02W for a while as my EDC go to. One thing not mentioned is the satisfyingly "heavy" feel to the deploying mechanism. It is decidedly not stealthy, but has a satisfyingly quick action, and a solid "clunk" upon locking. I was a kershaw fan for a long time, but this replaced my trusty leek, if for no other reason than it feels great in your hand. It is also solidly reliable, and holds an edge very well.
Ben ·
Love this collection. Aside from copper, my second favourite "look and feel" is dark wood. I'm about to put scales on one of my homemade custom knives and I think I'll combine wood and copper.
Bas ·
Got opinels since I was 10. They are razor sharp, very light and inexpensive. They dont look very cool imho but you can customise the hell out of then cause of the wood. Everyone should have one 🤗
rckarong ·
Never buy a Deejo. These things are poorly made and way overpriced. I own two and regret every penny I spent. They don't cut for shit no matter what you do to sharpen them. For the money you can buy three Mora Companion. To top ot off the company behind them (Baladeo) is one of the players diluting the iconic Laguiole brand with horrible China wares. Don't buy Deejo.
Rompastomp ·
Thanks for the heads up man!
Jed Edwards ·
seconded. They're just not good knives.
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