The Best Key Organizers for 2018

The Best Key Organizers for 2018

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Note: We've updated this guide with newer picks. Click here to see our updated guide to the Best EDC Key Organizers in 2019/2020.

That phone in your pocket is getting better all the time, but one thing that it still hasn’t completely replaced is the need to carry keys. Until you can unlock your front door or start your car with a simple flick of your phone, keys are always going to be a part of your EDC. You could toss 'em in your pocket, but the resulting jumble of metal just isn't comfortable. And dangling them from your belt loop works, but it means everyone can hear you coming a mile away. So, what's the best way to carry your keys?

Thankfully, that's a question many brands have been working hard to answer, leaving us with plenty of great solutions for key organization. With a solid key organizer, you can turn your messy, jangly keychain into something you can be proud of — just like the rest of your gear. We started this guide last year and have since updated it with a few new (and in some cases improved) options to up your organization game.

Quiet Carry Q2

If you can’t tell by the name, Quiet Carry specializes in key organizers that take the jingle out of your step. The Q2 takes the practical design of the older models and shrinks it down to a much smaller and more pocketable form factor. You still get the durable titanium build that their products are known for, as well as the option to choose a locking blade (multi-tool, knife w/ bottle opener, or clip point blade) that best fits your EDC. The blade is easily deployed thanks to a thumb stud, and your keys are similarly accessible via a well-placed notch on the bottom. If you’re looking for a durable, silent organizer that can hold up to 8 keys while pulling double-duty as a pocket knife, this might be the way to go.


CINEIK K-Addict Ti

There’s a reason titanium is the metal of choice when it comes to EDC. It’s durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear but also lightweight, which is why the CINEIK K-Addict is made entirely of the stuff. It’s CNC machined here in the States and lets you neatly stack your keys so you can get to them easily. No more fumbling through a mess of keyrings looking for the right one. Just push through the back of the K-Addict with your fingers to fan out your keys for easy pickings.

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KeySmart Pro with Tile

One annoying thing about keys is that they’re pretty to lose. Luckily, KeySmart have decided to make their classic key organizer even better by teaming up with the makers of the popular tracker Tile. You still get everything that makes the KeySmart great including a slim design, the ability to carry up to 10 keys, and quick access to those keys by simply swinging them out from its body. But now you’ll also get a bit of smarts thrown in thanks to Tile, which lets you locate exactly where your keys are thanks to the smartphone app. It also works in reverse, so if you can’t find your phone just press the button on your KeySmart Pro to make your phone ring even if it’s on silent.

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Orbitkey 2.0

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to carry, and the Orbitkey 2.0 is as simple as it gets. You get a folded strap of leather, canvas, or elastomer that’s connected by a small post for your keys. This lets you quietly hold up to 7 keys and still have a place to attach your car key thanks to a built-in D-ring. Not only will the fabric protect your keys from scratches, but it will also age nicely and add some character to your carry.

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Superior Titanium KEY-ARMOR

If you’re looking for maximum durability, the KEY-ARMOR titanium key organizer will be right up your alley. This organizer fits up to 12 keys with a secure locking system that keeps the two titanium plates reliably in place. This means you won’t have to keep tightening the screws to ensure that the whole thing doesn’t fall apart. It also comes with a metal attachment loop for those pesky car keys and the textured titanium plates provide extra grip so you won’t be the person dropping their keys in the middle of a movie theater.



The KeyBar is one of the most common key organizers you’ll find on the site. Its metal construction means it’s durable enough for EDC while maintaining a clean aesthetic. Whether you’re in the office or in the field, the KeyBar won’t look out of place in your pocket. It comes with a few different-sized screws allowing you to keep up to 12 keys neatly organized within it. You also get o-rings to adjust the tension to your liking as well as a small key fob attachment for those bulky car starters.

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Keyport Slide 3.0

If you prefer your keychain to look more like a gadget from the future, the Slide is another great option from Keyport. This modular organizer lets you slide out your keys with only your thumb, making it perfect for one-handed use. It has an aluminum build so it won’t break during everyday use, and you can add modules to give your keys some extra functionality. The Slide comes in a 4- or 6-port configuration, so you can carry your most important keys along with a built-in pocket knife or USB stick.


Bellroy Key Cover

Bellroy makes plenty of quality leather goods, and the Key Cover is just one more to add to the list. Inside is a small loop that you can fit through the holes of up to 4 keys, securing them in place. Along the edges of the wallet are small magnets that ensure it stays closed so you aren’t left with a jumble of keys in your pocket. Along the outside is a small leather loop you can attach your car key to, while maintaining a slim profile overall.

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KeySmart Rugged Ti

The original KeySmart is arguably a classic EDC tool, so adding titanium can only make it better. That’s exactly what the company did with the new KeySmart Rugged Ti: replace aluminum with everyone’s favorite metal. The plates now have thicker front and back widths (2.79mm each) resulting in a more substantial feel in the hand, and you can still flip out the keys smoothly when you need them. Speaking of which, the Keysmart Rugged Ti can hold up to 14 keys fresh out of the box, but if you get expansion screws you can max it out at 100. So if you have an obscene amount of keys and are looking for a way to organize them, you can’t go wrong with the Rugged Ti.

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Raven Workshop KeyGrip

The KeyGrip combines a simple design with a durable build and is a tried-and-true key organizer. This solid loop of metal comes in a few different materials including brass, aluminum, and titanium, so chances or breakage are slim. You can hold up to 6 stock keys, and selecting a key is smooth and easy thanks to included brass spacers. The KeyGrip is a strong and simple solution to key organization, so if you abuse your keys this might be the way to go.


How are you organizing your keys this year? Sound off with your key organization tips and tools in the comments below!

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I own the keysmart pro with tile. It’s a key organizer, finder, phone finder, and has a little led light which is great for finding keyholes. I was able to reduce a tile and a led flashlight from my keychain because of it. The best part is that it accepts keysmart addons like the usb drive, bottle opener, etc and it is RECHARGABLE, I like tiles but I hate that you can’t eeplace the battery or charge it. Not a problem with this gadget! It was money well spent!
I have the same one, but for me the fact that it's kind of hit and miss with the tracking has given me second thoughts. Plus the light is barely usable. Then again a key tracker that works 60% of the time is better than none, so I'll keep using it for the time being.

It is frustrating though when you can't find your keys that you know are in your house and the tracking just decides to take a sick day despite being fully charged and in the same room xD!
Adam great write up! I'm the owner of Cineik and would like to add our latest product the Cineik Ti Skini to the mix if that's ok... if not please delete my message. We also offer anodizing, feel free to check us out at

I'll also mention all of our organizers feature the new tapper tapped holes (a special tool made in-house), never have to worry about the screws coming loose. The harder you lock the screws down, the tighter the bond. This really helps out when adjusting the system for the perfect flipping motion tension. Well, I could keep going lol but I'll leave it there. Feel free to contact us, we'd love to send you guys a few sets!

I have Keysmart Titanium 2.0 Premium Extended and I like it. Even with a slight problem in organizing nonstandart keys with it.
Ditto and ditto, I use extra spacers opposite the non standard size keys to make them work. I looked at the Rugged but heck, we're supposed to be losing weight and bulk in our pockets and the regular Ti slabs are plenty strong enough. I think the Rugged is just for the tacti-cool crowd.
I have the CarboCage. Absolutely love it
+1 Im also using the Carbocage - wicked key organizer!
Have used both Keysmart and Orbitkey. The latter is my preference, something about the leather strap and I find it easier to push out the keys that I want. Keysmart is good, but a bit fiddly to get keys in right sequence, with spacers, so that everything lines up nicely.
I have the Keyport Slide 3.0 for a few keys and a USB drive. But the slide knobs get caught frequently on my pocket seam when trying to get it out quickly. I also have the KeySmart for those keychain tags / reward tags for stores. It works quite well for that. I just wish the Keyport Slide didn't have the knobs sticking out. It would be much better for my needs.

I really wish there was a way to get the newer style key fob keys on a smaller, more minimalist style key chain / holder. Having 2 VW key fobs on me at all times gets kind of bulky when attached to any of these options.
Keybar is the best key organizer. I can't tell you how many key rings get I have bent from pulling my key in and out of my pocket. The Keybar slims down your keys and stops the noise. I also added some Klecker stowaway tools to turn my keys into a multitool.
I've owned the original keysmart and the orbit key 2.0. They're both great, they just don't fit my specific needs. I don't have that many keys but all of them vary greatly in size and shape, which results in the key organisers I've owned having a lot of edges that get caught on my pocket and make them uncomfortable to carry.
As a result, I prefer to go with a conventional keyring with a small suspension clip and a locking s-biner to attach a small multitool.
Please link to the pocket dump of the Lead image. I want to ID that watch
Hi Mike, we'll update the post with a link, but I do know it's a Target Merona watch. Unfortunately the watch seems to be out of production and is currently unavailable. :(
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