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The watch is a Moto 360, it's an Android smartwatch., it's by far my favorite watch to wear. The phone is a 1st Gen Moto X, it's the best phone I've ever owned. I'll most likely be getting a Nexus 6 after this. The wallet is nothing special, I really want a new one. The thermos is a Hydro Flask, it's 40 oz and i'll usually drink two of these a day. The knife is a CRKT Eros SS, very clean looking and very lightweight. The Headphones are Sennheiser CX300II, these little guys are amazing at blocking outside noise. The Steel Cable Key Ring is nice, but i'm looking into getting an Orbitkey or something else that can hold my keys.

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seanlb ·
They make a much better lid, Wide Mouth Flip Lid. You will not go back.
Oh really? It came with a normal screw lid so I bought the straw lid thats on it in the picture. The only issue I had with the straw lid is once the water level gets really low its damn near impossible to suck the water out. I had to cut about an inch off the straw and it seems to have resolved the issue.
Fuad Aliyev ·
How do you like the Hydro Flask? My Vapur Anti-Bottle Crapped out on me so I need a replacement.
It's awesome, keeps my water cold seriously all day.
Mike Campbell ·
Im just getting into the concept of a more organized EDC and I like your set-up. I have a similar wallet, and am looking to change too as mine is poorly made, but the look just fits this kind of "theme" so well, I dont even know what I would want to change to.