Celebrate the 4th of July with These 6 EDCs

Celebrate the 4th of July with These 6 EDCs

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It's the 4th of July, which means many of our readers in the USA are spending a holiday. And in the spirit of Independence Day, this is how our community celebrates with their EDCs. Whether it's red, white, and blue gear, made in the USA tools, or star-spangled essentials, we're highlighting all the awesome themed gear from our readers's submissions below.


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Made in the USA essentials form the foundation of this solid EDC set against the stars and stripes. All bases are covered, with a backup multi-tool to spare.


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A star-spangled hank serves as the backdrop for this well-rounded carry, which includes a robust knife and one of the most versatile (and US-made) multi-tools you can carry.


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Red, white, and blue accents give a pop up patriotic color to this reader's phone and watch, while a pair of flashlights, wireless buds, and lip protection cover the rest of his bases.


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Every item in this loaded EDC is built for versatility and toughness, from a stacked keychain to tough tools and even heavy-duty cases for the reader's phone and lighter. There's even a few US-made items to match the stars and stripes backdrop.


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This compact carry takes on the red, white, and blue theme with a number of made in the USA essentials offering a ton of versatility. The addition of custom paracord pulls adds practicality to the pair of tools while sticking to the color scheme.


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It's as simple and efficient as it gets with this carry, but nonetheless a complete EDC on its own. Not only do the three items cover the color theme perfectly, they also cover a lot of everyday bases.

How are you spending this holiday? Have you ever given your gear a red, white, and blue flair? Sound off in the comments!

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Great curation, Mikey!
Ka-Bar Should definitely be celebrated,
Aka Baker cutlery co and union cutlery
Why? Because freedom, that's why.
Is that zip-tie in the spydie-hole on the Spyderco Resiliance supposed to be like a makeshift emerson style opener?