July 4th Carry

Amite, Louisiana
The FlyBoy is an automatic model, I prefer automatic watches because they doesn't require a battery, however if not properly tuned can be a little fast or slow. I've always got a pair of sunglasses on especially around the pool, where I'll be all weekend. My friends would agree I've always got some type of jewelry on, although around the pool usually only a watch. But being a holiday I might jazz it up a little with some bling. In town I'll carry two knives but around the pool I'll only keep the bottle opener knife, mostly to open bottles. The pop top cigarette case I found by chance on eBay and haven't been able to find another like it. I use this case when I'm going to be around a big group so I can share my cigarillos, this case holds about 12. Lately I've been smoking mostly cigarillos because they're only about a ten minute commitment and unlike a full sized cigar I don't have to worry about wasting it if I get a sudden urge to jump head first into the pool. And of course matches to accompany the cigars. On the weekends you can find me with a deck of cards near by, I'm always eager to play a game of poker. The cards in the photo are kem sequences my grandmother gave me. I love these cards they have a plastic coating so they are are smooth and easy to shuffle. The cards didn't have a box so I keep them in a old leather cigarette case. I didn't realize till recently a box of smokes and a deck of cards are about the same size. You probably noticed the random bottle caps, I like to keep the caps from the bottles I drink, been doing it for a long time, I've even got the cap from my first legal beer (bottom right cap, says "discovery", from a bottle of Guinness Blonde). They are also there as a reminder to drink responsibly on this holiday weekend. Stay safe and have a Happy Independence Day!

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