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Trending: ForeverSpin Magnesium Top

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Mags Tan
Trending: ForeverSpin Magnesium Top

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This week’s feature is a stylish combination of form and function perfect for Fun Friday: the ForeverSpin Top. Machined from a solid piece of high-grade magnesium alloy, the result is a seamless object that delivers a smooth and balanced spin. Sleek lines provide a tactile experience for fidgeting, and gives a classy accent to any EDC. Paired with the optional polished glass base, it can easily stand proud beside any high-end knife collection, not to mention improve spinning performance when it’s time to give it a spin.  Beautifully crafted with high collectibility, the ForeverSpin is designed to be your next EDC heirloom. Check it out at the link below.

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I don't think this is "trending" anymore. It was trending 9 years ago when Inception was first released.

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