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One Eleven Field Watch

Jonathan Tayag
One Eleven Field Watch

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A trusty field watch is a great choice for your outdoors adventures, with a legible face that helps you keep track of time at a glance and a rugged build that can stand up to the rough and tumble of an extended excursion. Unfortunately, the design and materials used in most EDC field watches tend to not be so great for the environment itself, and this is doubly true for the quartz watches that eat up batteries made of toxic materials to keep on ticking. That’s where the One Eleven Field Watch sets itself apart from the pack, with a classic field watch design that brings modern sustainable materials and solar charging technology to the mix.

Sustainable design is at the heart of the One Eleven Field Watch, from its bio-plastic top ring bezel, the recycled durable PET watch band, a recycled stainless steel case and back, and of course the centerpiece solar-powered quartz movement that makes the One Eleven a very environmentally-friendly EDC watch. Aside from the virtuous aspects of the watch, you’ll also enjoy its classic, vintage aesthetic, with its highly legible face featuring big and bold Arabic numeral legends and easy 24-hour time conversion as well. The orange seconds hand contrasts against the black dial for effortless time telling.

Aesthetically, the green colorway works well with any outdoors kit, and the 42mm case diameter means it’s not too big like some outdoor watches can be on most people’s wrists. The One Eleven Field Watch is also available in a more uniform all-black and a contrast-filled tan and white colorway as well if you prefer. And with its hardened mineral glass crystal and full water-resistance down to 100 meters, you can take this watch pretty much anywhere in the outdoors while being able to count on it keeping accurate time as you go.

If you’re looking for a classically styled field watch with a more modern, environmentally friendly bent to it, the One Eleven Field Watch is one of the best choices you can make. It’s a good example of how going green with your EDC doesn’t mean sacrificing performance, functionality, or quality. One Eleven stands by the manufacture of their field watch with a two year warranty, and they also donate 1% of all profits to environmental causes as well. To find out more about this smart, sustainable everyday carry field watch, click the link below and buy one today.

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Mick Emm ·
I really like the white face version. However, chromed hands against a white face are a really bad idea as they are very difficult to see and read at a glance. I'd really like to see a white face version with black or maybe blue edging on the hands.