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CRKT M40-02

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CRKT M40-02

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It’s tough to follow up on a knife as iconic as the CRKT M16. But with a legacy design from the late Kit Carson, the father of the modern flipper knife, combined with modern manufacturing and technology, CRKT looks to create a new classic in the CRKT M40-02. This new model honors the man and his contribution to the knife community as a fast-flicking flipper, bolstered by a new locking mechanism that gives the knife the chops to cut into the future.

The new lock, dubbed by CRKT as the Deadbolt Lock, sets this knife series apart with its unique mechanism. It comes as the brainchild of Flavio Ikoma, who also designed the smooth bearing system responsible for the quick action. This simple but sturdy lock gives you access to quick retraction via a large, spring-loaded button on the pivot. It’s easier to reach with your thumb coming from a regular knife grip, and a more natural motion than disengaging a liner or framelock. Depressing it disengages the two internal pins that go through both liners and the blade stock itself, which provide a precise, locked-on fit that keeps the blade firmly in place while deployed.

One of the big advantages to moving the actuation to the button on the center pivot is keeping your fingers out of the way of the blade when tucking it in for retraction. The flipper and dual thumb studs provide you with ambidextrous deployment, and the Deadbolt Lock also makes it easier for left-handed disengagement, rather than placing their thumb in an unnatural direction for more common liner or framelocks. Another advantage is that multiple pins take on the load of keeping the blade in place, resulting in a more robust lock that is less likely to fail during hard use.

You have three options for the M40’s blade: a plain tanto style, a plain spearpoint, and a spearpoint that integrates CRKT’s own Veff serrations that help with cutting through tough materials and cordage. It’s ground from 1.4116 stainless steel, a European-manufactured steel that’s known for its widespread use in Swiss Army Knives. That means high corrosion resistance combined with ease of sharpening: an ideal combination of qualities for easy maintenance of a daily carry knife.  On the M40-02, the smallest in the line, its measures out to a compact, yet useful 3 inches.

The 4" long handle on the CRKT M40-02 evokes old school aesthetics with a metal bolster on the pivot area made from anodized 6063 aluminum. Instead of a wood handle that’s usually paired with bolsters on traditional knives, it features glass-reinforced nylon (GRN) overlays with a grippy textured pattern that balances traditional design with with a modern tactical inspiration. The deep-carry clip has mounting provisions for either side, giving you options for ambidextrous use and carry.

Fast and smooth action combined with an innovative and robust locking mechanism make the new M40 series a worthy upgrade to Kit Carson’s legacy of design. The CRKT M40-02 in particular is a pocket friendly package that measures up to the familiar combination of a 3" blade tucked into a 4" handle. At 3.3 ounces, this tough tactical flipper is an easy carry companion that keeps you ready for your daily EDC tasks, with enough performance to cut above its weight. Grab one now at the link below.

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