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Leatherman x Tonquin Preparedness Kits

Mon Garcia
Leatherman x Tonquin Preparedness Kits

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Being prepared for any eventuality can be a full lifestyle dedicated to researching, procuring, and curating the right gear for the right circumstance, all while trying to predict what scenarios could play out. At most, you have exactly what you need, and at the very least, you’ll have the essentials that will help you get through. Leatherman’s line of multi-tools, when matched with the right situation, usually provide the utility and functionality needed, making them an invaluable part of a dedicated kit, as well as a great option for EDC. With the Leatherman x Tonquin Preparedness Kits, the brand known for it’s pliers-based multi-tools partners with Tonquin Trading to create a pre-packaged and pre-curated selection of tools and implements to help you be more than prepared for different scenarios.

Each kit is centered around a Leatherman multi-tool complemented by selected products from other manufacturers—all in a dedicated and color-coded pouch that’s easy to carry or pack. With one each for outdoor survival, roadside repairs, and medical emergencies, these kits have good range of situations covered. Pack one or a combination in your glove compartment, bug out bag, or toss one in your daily pack to add an extra layer of preparedness to your EDC.

Leatherman Signal Survival Kit

Built around the outdoors-oriented Leatherman Signal multi-tool, this Survival Kit comes in a 5.5" x 6.5" green pouch and includes gear to help you survive when Mother Nature decides to throw a wrench in your weekend plans. The included Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System helps eliminate protozoa and bacteria in your emergency water source, while a survival blanket, hand warmer, poncho, matches, and a Pull Start Fire Pull String Firestarter keep you warm in inclement weather. A face mask and pocket tissue keep things civil while out in the wild, and the included 50' of paracord will always find a use, like mounting and securing gear or a hammock. The Leatherman Signal, with its adventure- and emergency-centric set of tools, helps in using or setting up all these implements, as well as providing a variety of practical functions by itself. Finally, a light stick, signal whistle, and signal mirror helps you get noticed when the situation is dire enough to need a rescue.

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Leatherman Wave+ Repair Kit

Designed to help you with roadside and other equipment repairs, this collection of tools, binders, and other equipment helps with unexpected gear failures while out in the field. Starting off with the iconic Leatherman Wave+ you get a functional pair of pliers and wire cutters that stow 12 other useful tools and functions in its handles. The rest of the kit includes the always-useful and versatile duct tape, a mini sewing kit, safety pins, zip ties, electrical tape, thermoplastic repair tape, gear patches, a tube of super glue and some 19 gauge wire to help you keep things together after you’ve worked on them. A shop rag cleans up after repairs, while the included waterproof matches and 50’ of paracord give this kit some outdoor utility. All of this comes in a nifty black carry pouch that weighs 1 2/4 pounds—an easy addition to your vehicle EDC.

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Leatherman Raptor Trauma Kit

When dealing with medical injuries, one can never be too prepared—the consequences can be dire. Centered around the Leatherman Raptor, this kit features emergency supplies such a SAM XT tourniquet for stabilizing limbs and bleeding and a SAM Chest Seal for treating open chest wounds. ChitoSAM hemostatic dressing, cloth tape, and a 6" gauze roll helps keep things stable and under wraps. The Raptor itself is a pair of trauma shears with integrated strap and ring cutters, a carbide glass breaker, and an oxygen tank wrench, giving you the tools needed to free someone in an emergency, and support them as they get the care they need. Including pair of nitrile gloves in the kit keeps you sterile and agile during critical care scenarios, and the whole package comes in an appropriately red pouch that you can stow in at home with your first aid, in your car, or with your bug out bag.

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These kits are great to give people ideas for how to assemble their own kit, but save yourself a bunch of money and create your own. It looks like the most expensive item in each of these kits (and the reason why the price is so high) is the Leatherman item. If you plan to stow one of these away for a rainy day, no need to buy a brand new Leatherman that will never see regular use. buy a cheaper knock-off or a used item for your custom-made kit.
Mohammed M ·
Leatherman Wave+ Repair Kit AKA Kidnapper kit AKA 50 shades of grey kit!
Chris Rosado ·
These kits are really nice. I am not sure about the price tag, because my first IFAK as a civilian was a DAM IFAK and it ran about 150. But, the flip side is these themed kits come with a MT, and a quality assortment of items geared toward the purpose. I know my wife will kill me, lol, but I'll give one of these a shot.
Michael Lee ·
Saw these last week on the Leatherman site. I like pre-made and themed kits. Nice to see Leatherman branching out and looking to partner with other EDC and emergency gear companies. But I have to say that I think these kits are way way way too overpriced. Did I mention “way” ?