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[Giveaway] Buy and Sell Used Gear with Gear Bump

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[Giveaway] Buy and Sell Used Gear with Gear Bump

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Hi everyone,

Here at Everyday Carry we’ve been busy working on exciting new products and features to better serve you, the EDC community. We value your insight and passion for all things gear and want you to be right there with us as we develop what’s next for Everyday Carry.

Introducing Gear Bump for iOS

Gear Bump is an online marketplace for buying and selling field-tested EDC gear and grails to help members in the Everyday Carry community ensure their gear goes to a good home. We know that as gear enthusiasts, we often end up with large rotations of tools with only so many pockets to put them in. We hope to connect fellow EDCers looking for quality, used gear and hard-to-find essentials at more affordable second-hand prices. You can download the Gear Bump app for free on the App Store today to start buying and selling. It’s free to use and free to list your used gear for sale. Gear Bump is an iOS app open to users in the United States (Android version is currently under development).

To kick off the launch of Gear Bump, we’re hosting a giveaway! Two lucky users can win a customized Benchmade Bugout knife by entering the giveaway. To enter to win:

  1. Download Gear Bump and create an account. You can download Gear Bump on the App Store here: ‎Gear Bump

  2. List 2 (two) EDC items in good condition that you’re willing to part ways with for sale, complete with photos and a detailed description.

  3. Complete a verification with your Gear Bump username and contact information by June 6th. The form can be found at this URL: Gear Bump Giveaway Verification

Entrants must be age 18 or older and in the United States to be eligible to win. We’ll pick 2 lucky winners at random and announce the results on Monday, June 7th.

We hope you’re excited to be an integral part of the future of Everyday Carry!

Thanks and carry on,
The Everyday Carry Team

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Bruce Bromberg Seltzer ·
Same as other comments, I don't have an iPhone. Seems discriminatory to have a contest only available on 1 of two major platforms (which is 70+% of worldwide phone sales).
XaeonBE ·
Looks cool. But don't have an iPhone. Will test it when it hits Android if it does!
Spencer Rosengarten ·
Same here.
Benjamin K ·
Yeah, hopefully it'll drop for Android, cause I have lots to sell lol
Nigel ·
Does this app work in Canada too?
Bernard Capulong ·
Gear Bump is currently only available for US residents, sorry!
Nigel ·
Ian Stretch Mansfield ·
I hope this app will be released in the UK. Places to sell knives etc are few and far between due to our knife laws.