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5.11 Norris Sneaker

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5.11 Norris Sneaker

Sometimes in EDC, it’s easy to forget that what’s on our body can be just as important as what we carry inside our pockets. After all, what’s the point of packing knives, flashlights and wallets if the gear you’re wearing won’t get you where you need to go? 5.11 is well aware of this, as illustrated by their vast catalog of high-performance clothing and tactical apparel. One of their most successful examples is the Norris Sneaker, which brings the durability and thoughtful design of their EDC accessories to a casual sneaker that’s built to support and protect your feet without compromising comfort and style.

Starting from the bottom, the Norris sneaker features a Vibram Marbrani outsole for extra durability. 5.11 knows that having solid footing wherever your adventure takes you is paramount. That’s why they’ve also included XS Trek technology, which provides traction even in wet surfaces, so you can feel sure-footed rain or shine. The sole also includes a Welmax board that’s been ASTM-certified to be puncture resistant for up to 290 pounds of force. The inside of the sneaker is as comfortable as it is tough on the outside, all thanks to a cushioned Ortholite footbed.

The rest of the Norris sneaker is built upon this solid foundation, constructed with hard use in mind. Take a look at the toe section for example, which has been reinforced with climbing-grade rubber to add an extra layer of traction and protection on steep terrain and scrambles. An ankle collar will make sure this high-top sneaker provides you with the support and stability you need to traverse commutes and hikes alike while a padded tongue protects against hotspots for long treks on foot.

More fashionable than a tactical shoe, more durable than a regular sneaker, the Norris finds the right balance between fashion and function. Pick one up at the link below.

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Discussion (3 total)

Brett ·
These run *super* narrow. I normally wear a US size 11, but even going up to a size 12, these are uncomfortably tight, and the suede upper doesn't seem to have any give as you break them in.

I'm also kind of unimpressed with the durability. After three weeks of regular wear, the right shoe started to develop a tear in the suede about an inch behind the toe cap, just below the lacings. I didn't do anything to cause this; the material just started to split. It's possible I just got unlucky, though -- I know other people who have these who've worn them into the ground with no issues.

The footbed is comfortable, and the sole is really nice. But if you don't have Disney Princess feet I'd suggest staying away until 5.11 comes out with a wide version.
Sarah R ·
I ran into the same problem of width and was really disappointed that they wouldn't work for me.
Jonah ·
Another cool shoe that doesn't come in M 14... :/