The Usual Suspects

This is my usual carry. My phone took the picture. I can't bring the pocket knife, cigar cutter, or cigar case into work with me. They wait patiently for the ride home, where a hand rolled smoky treat hiding inside makes the commute less stressful.

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Chad North ·
A P-38! Need to see more of those in EDCs. What do you use it and the bandana for mostly?
Heather ·
The P-38 is for anything from opening canned food for lunch to when I go camping, to emergencies, etc. The bandana is for anything from blowing my nose when there is no tissue to wiping my brow/hands, a quick head cover, a ground sheet to sit on, or any possible emergency use a bandana could have.
Russ Malcolm ·
Thanks for posting. Nice to see a lady round here. Gotta love those hand rolled smoky treats, herbal variety I hope.
Heather ·
Sorry to burst your bubble, but my hand rolled smoky treats are made of tobacco and come from places like Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, etc. That's why I need the cutter.