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Fortius Arms KeyBiner Reviews

From Fortius Arms

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Fortius Arms KeyBiner Reviews (10 total)

I backed this on Kickstarter. It is nice construction but it is just too damn big. I prefer my Keysmart with a spring clip attached.
A great solution to a big keychain!
I love using this aluminium KeyBiner, because I don't have many keys, and it has a slim form factor.
There are better option, but I find this one the most practical.
What are the alternatives?
I love this key organizer not only for its functionality, but its overall appearance. It carries my essentials and if I never leave the house with it. I know that I will always have at least a knife and a flashlight with me as well. Also opening beers as well as prying open paint cans is an added benefit.
One of a kind, custom tumbled aluminium
Black Aluminum Stars and Stripes

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