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StatGear Hygiene Hand

Now more than ever it’s important to avoid touching high-contact surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, and payment terminals with your bare hands. That’s because all it takes is accidentally touching your face to put you at risk of infection. And access to hand sanitizer or a hand washing station can be limited in these trying times. The team at StatGear knows this firsthand as they’re based in New York City, an area hit especially hard by the coronavirus outbreak. That’s why they’re returning to Kickstarter with their latest creation, the Hygiene Hand. It’s a clever keychain solution that can help you handle high-contact surfaces while minimizing exposure to germs and viruses. If you’re looking for ways to switch up your EDC to protect yourself and others while practicing social distancing and quarantining, adding the StatGear Hygiene Hand to your kit can come in, well, handy.

StatGear has a long history of developing and delivering quality EDC products via crowdfunding, and their new Hygiene Hand was developed as a result of their company being located right at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City. The StatGear Hygiene Hand is a keychain tool made out of brass, which is inherently antimicrobial unlike other materials like stainless steel where viruses can thrive for days on end. You should still wash the tool, and your hands, thoroughly after use because it’s not an end-all and be-all solution to prevent you from getting sick.

But with the hook design of the Hygiene Hand, you can at least avoid direct contact with door handles and call buttons. And because the tool has a stylus tip, you can use it on touchscreens like on ATM and point of sale terminals when you have to go out to run errands for yourself and the ones you love. The StatGear Hygiene Hand’s utility isn’t just limited to a pandemic situation, either. You can keep it with you for the years to come when you just don’t want to touch surfaces in grimy situations. And because the brass composition of the tool will develop an attractive patina over time, you can see it as a memento to remind yourself that you got through such a momentous time in human history by having the right everyday carry tools on hand.

To secure a Hygiene Hand for yourself today, you can make a pledge to StatGear’s fully-funded Kickstarter today at the link below.

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Montana Actual ·
Just sanitize and wash your fucking hands. These things leave so much room for error. Bacteria on the tip, touched by hands over and over, put in pockets, keys touching it etc etc. I am all for wearing gloves and finding more sterile ways to do things, like touchless stuff, but stuff like this is ridiculous.
James R. ·
Agreed. I roll my eyes every time I see an ad for this.
Ludwig ·
And they repost it everyday, my eyes are tired now, too much rolling
Mark Tully ·
You miss the point. You can’t wash your hands immediately without hand sanitizer. Clearly you have not been in the situation (yet) of wearing gloves and not wanting to touch other surfaces and contaminate the rest of the world after just using the ATM or grocery store keypad. This is to be used in addition to your new normal routine of hand washing and glove use. By keeping it on your belt, it prevents contamination of your pockets.
Greg Martin ·
In for 1 ! I’m always using my knuckle to push public buttons - gross
FortKnight ·
This is a cool idea, but they kind of need a leather sleeve or something so you don't end up touching the "business" end by mistake. I'd definitely consider pulling the trigger if they had that and made them in Ti, which doesn't have the same antimicrobial properties (from what I could find), but would work with the sleeve.
Mauro ·
This tool is a great way to keep germs off your fingers and into your pockets where they belong!
Ludwig ·
I would definitely buy one if they add a folding friction mechanism like on the higonokami.
They clearly miss the goal with this v1
George ·
This is amazing! In for 2