When I first jogged and ran with my 2 dogs, I quickly realised that it was way to risky to do it simply by holding their leashes in my hands.
Living in the tropics means chances of encountering wet and slippery trails and roads happen pretty often, along with plenty of little critters that would distract my "beasties". After much trial and error, I settled on this set-up, which IMHO delivers the optimum level of safety for both the dogs and I, as well as, for any bystanders and wildlife that we happen to meet on our runs. The belt and the bungee'd cords (fall arrester webbing) deliver a lower center of gravity (for me) and a good distribution of force when the beasties are at full gallop. Overall, I am super satisfied with the lightweight, durability and comfort of this platform. It allows me to carry the essentials in a light and tight package and, with room to spare for a couple of bills and a clipped flashlight, to support a basic jogging kit. It's perfect for a 365/twice daily run, or for longer hikes.
100% EDC!

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