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Giveaway: It's Time for Titanium

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Giveaway: It's Time for Titanium

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Update: A winner has been selected and we will be in touch! Thanks to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for more great giveaways.

Our Everyday Carry community is growing daily, and thanks to all of you who read our content and participate in our social channels, you push us to make even more awesome stuff to share with you and talk about. To give back, we're giving away this top-tier titanium EDC gear, which includes some of our recent EDC favorites, hand-picked by the team, and just the start of the many, many things we want to give back to you, our readers.

All you need to do for a chance to win this is sign up for our newsletter, which you can do at the link below. Not only do you get the freshest EDC news and content from the site, but you're also automatically entered into all future themed monthly giveaways. All you need to do is sign up at this link:

This giveaway has ended.

The Prizes Up for Grabs

Total prize value (at the time of writing): $590

We'll contact the winner via the e-mail used to sign up for the newsletter at the end of the month. Until then, on behalf of the EDC team, thank you for continuing to support the site!

This giveaway has ended.

Discussion (9 total)

Pablo Schmitt ·
Heck I'd be happy to win the blue light bulb used to light up the stuff!!!!
Arturo ·
The knife and flashlight look awesome
Would love the seiko alone, would be so grateful for this :)
Chip Currin ·
Looks great, not gonna lie, but I’d be happy to win the knife alone.
Karl Hicks ·
I'd be happy with just the knife or light! Winning all of that would feel like a dream come true.
Bob Gambill ·
Nice! Great collection of gear.
mementosis ·
Man I would be happy to win even ONE of those. But even happier to win all six..
Martin Kronkvist ·
Sweet baby Jebus, this is one jaw dropping set of kit. Crossing every finger, toe and anything I can think of.
All of this excellent TI equipment will go great with my CRKT S-2 and Tactile TI Pen. Wishing myself lots of luck!!!!!